Sebastian Delgado Q&A

Feb. 19, 2004

What impresses you most about the coaching staff?
“They support us and help us whenever we have a personal problem that we need to solve.”

Delgado is coming off his first dual singles win with a straight-set victory over DePaul’s Robert Kotroczo.

If you compete against any professional tennis player, who would it be and why?
“I think it would definitely be against Agassi. He is my tennis role model.”

How would you describe yourself on the court? Off the court?
“I’m not an expressive person so I think that reflects on my attitude both on and off the court.”

What is the one area of your game that you would most like to improve on?
“My serve and volley.”

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
“My dad has always told me to finish what you have started.”

What movie have you watched the most of times and why?
“Star Wars. I’m a big fan of all George Lucas movies.”

What CD in your collection do you consider most embarrassing?
“A Cumbia music CD. It’s horrible!”

Personal Information
Name: Sebastian Delgado
Age: 20
Birth date: September 8, 1983
Major: business

Food: Ecuadorian
Restaurant: Pique y Pase and Sandrita (pta. blanca)
Song: tres notas (AU-D)
Musical Artist: Mana
Movie: Y tu mama tambien
TV Show: Futbol UNO
Athlete: Ronaldo