Parker Ross Q&A

March 2, 2004

What impresses you most about the coaching staff?
“The dedication that they show day in and day out towards improving each of our games.”

What has been you biggest transition in playing tennis at the collegiate level?
“Learning how to compete against good players week after week.”

Ross has claimed meet point in all three of Iowa’s victories with a win in the No. 3 singles match.

What has been your favorite road trip?
“My favorite road trip had to be the Michigan State ITA because I got to compete in the main draw, which was an honor.”

If you could compete against any professional tennis player, who would it be and why?
“I would compete against Marat Safin because I would want to see him smash a racket.”

Is there any player that you tend to pattern your game after?
“I would say Andre Agassi because he knows how to work the point better than anyone else.”

What has been your most embarrassing moment on the court?
“My most embarrassing moment was also one of my best moments as a Hawkeye. I was competing against Drake at the No. 6 position and thought that we had already won the match when it was actually 3-3. When I won everybody went nuts and I had no idea why.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t playing tennis?
“I would be a rock star because they get to do a lot of cool things and travel to a lot of cool places.”

Personal Information
Name: Parker McCormick Ross
Age: 20
Birth date: September 22, 1983
Sibling (age): Ariel (17)
Major: open

Food: a big fat juicy steak
Restaurant: Joe’s Stone Crab
Song: I love too many songs to choose one
Musical Artist: Led Zeppelin
Movie: The Usual Suspects
TV Show: Chappelle’s Show
Athlete: Steve Kerr