They Came. They Saw. They Wrote Us.

July 19, 2004

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They’ve come from near and far to see firsthand what Iowa’s longest running parade, Herky on Parade, was all about. Some have also taken the time to write. Here’s a sampling of what they’ve had to say about the public art project that three months ago kicked off the University of Iowa’s celebration of the 75th anniversary of historic Kinnick Stadium…

I love this! I was in Iowa City over the 4th of July weekend and it seems like these are everywhere. What a great feeling it is to see Herky all over town! I think this should be done each fall, perhaps on a smaller scale. This is a great way for the community to show its support for the great University of Iowa. Visitors get a real feeling of the Hawkeyes when they enter the town.

Congrats on a job well done!

John Vance – Prairie Village, Kansas

My wife, daughter and I invested a day of vacation in search of Herky on 7/2/04…what fun! And a great opportunity to revisit Ia City from my student days of 30 yrs ago. We were most disappointed to learn Elvis Herky was on tour at Wal-Mart stores across IA. Do you have a schedule of the Wal-Mart locations/dates? We would be willing to make another road trip to see Elvis, particularly if he visits the Ames Wal-Mart! Please advise by reply.

Great project…thanks for a fun day.

Denis Crotty – Ames

What a great project! Being an avid cyclist and a one-week a year Iowan on RAGBRAI, I am surprised that some artist didn’t create “RAGBRAI Herky”. He could wear a helmet and spandex and hold a pork chop. Also, someone could pay homage to your cross state and conference rivals and create “Cyclone Herky”. How about “Golden Gopher Herky” or “Boilermaker Herky”? Even my alma mater could be portrayed, with a horned “Colorado Buffalo Herky”.

Doug Henninger – Denver, Colorado

I love these statues….Are they going to be available to buy in a collection of miniatures???? You definitely have at least one very interested customer…I am sure I am not the only one.. Please email me and let me know..It is a long way to Kinnick but I would make the trip to pick these up!!!!!

Brad Carpenter – Las Vegas, Nevada

I was at the Coral Ridge Mall today and thought the Herkys were incredible (to say the least).

Scott Whitten – Hamilton, Illinois

Enjoyed this event. I’m a former U of IA student and Iowa native, I now teach art in Troy, OH. My community has a foundation which might be interested in supporting a similar event here with our mascot. It would be a way for me to do interdisciplinary teaching, advocate for the arts, and involve the community.

I have seen the Chicago Cows, Rochester Horses, Cedar Rapids Grant Woods, and the Cincinnati Pigs. For the size of Iowa City and Coralville, you have done a fabulous job with this!

Paula Benfer – Troy, Ohio

My son, Tim (age 19) is a freshman at the U of I. However, he has been in the U of I Hospital for over 8 months now waiting for a heart transplant. I’ve been telling Tim about the Herkys and describing them to him. They were difficult for him to picture until someone told me about your web site. Tim has now had an opportunity to view all 75 Herkys. Thanks for bringing a little slice of real life to a young man who is stuck living in the hospital.

Tim’s Mom – Council Bluffs

I am an Admission Counselor for the University and I received an e-mail from a father who was visiting with me (along with his son) a few weeks ago. I thought you might appreciate his comments: “Outside of the school in general, I especially liked the Herky on Parade sculptures around town. . . they are truly an interesting, fun attraction to the visiting public. Our entire family has been involved in public art projects so we can enjoy and can appreciate the time and trouble of putting something like that on display. I continue to be very impressed. Kudos to the artists and event staff for their efforts.” NICE JOB TO ALL OF YOU!! 🙂

Jennifer Anderson – Coralville

Hi! We love the Herkys! In fact, my daughter and I went around and got pictures of her with all 75 and made a book and a series of web pages.

Thanks for giving us a great project!

Christine Wilkenson – Iowa City

My family LOVES Herky on Parade!!! Our five and eight-year-old children are constantly searching for Herky statues while I’m driving. We hope to take pictures of as many of them as we can. Thanks for such an awesome tribute to our favorite mascot!!!! GO HAWKS!

Diane Zirtzman – Iowa City

My wife and I came to Iowa City to visit July 14th. We didn’t know about the Herkys on Parade. We were only in town for a day, but before we left we went on a “Herky Hunt”. We found 37 of them before we went to a Hungry Hobo to eat lunch and saw that they had maps! We had a ball! My wife had never been to Iowa City before, but left very impressed. She had a great time being my navigator and spotting the Herkys for me.

Great 1 day get away!!

Jim Favrow – Gladstone, Missouri