Q-and-A with Morgan Kasperek

Dec. 6, 2004

hawkeyesports.com visited recently with junior forward Morgan Kasperek from Hinsdale, IL. Here’s a piece of that conversation.

What do you think separates Iowa’s women’s basketball program from others?
“Chemistry. We are all very close to each other and I believe that it helps us when we get into presser situations on the floor. We know that we can count on each other.”

Where is your favorite place to eat in Iowa City and why?
“This is a very difficult question for me, but I think I’m going to have to go with Applebee’s (I know it’s kind of boring, but it’s good).”

Do you have any pre-game rituals, and if so what are they?
“I bite Johanna before every game, and I hit door frames.”

What is your favorite arena to play in and why?
“Williams Arena, because it is so unusual. There is always a big crowd and my grandmother played there.”

What is your personal and team highlight thus far as a Hawkeye?
“The win last year at Wisconsin, because it was the best comeback I have ever been a part of (we were down eight points with 40 seconds left in regulation).”

What’s do you like most about playing basketball at this level?
“The fact that everyone is so good and any team can beat any team on any given day. That’s why this is so fun. I also love the gear!!!”

Say a genie gave you any three wishes, what would you wish for and why?
“Wish one: To always have a strong support system filled of family and friends, because then I’ll always be happy and loved. Wish two: To make a positive difference in someone’s life because it’s important. Wish Three: Wish for more wishes, because normally when asked this question the stipulation that you can’t wish for more wishes is always there.”

What CD in your collection would you consider to be the most embarrassing?
“There are a few CD’s in my collection that some might consider embarrassing like the whole collection of Jock Jams, the boy bands, John Denver or maybe Pocahontas, but I’m not embarrassed, I like them!”

What do you like most about Iowa City and what do you miss most about Hinsdale, IL?
“The best thing about Iowa City is there are always new people to meet, and there are so many people my age around. The thing that I miss most about Hinsdale is my family.”

You made your only 3-point attempt of your career last season. As a post player, do you see yourself ever attempting another 3-pointer in your career?
“Actually I do. The guards, wings and I all do a drill where we have to make 25 three-pointers from five spots in two minutes and you have to be over 50% to have the green light to shoot during games and I have the green light.”