Q-and-A with Jenna Armstrong

Dec. 8, 2004

hawkeyesports.com visited recently with senior forward Jenna Armstrong from Stockton, MO. Here’s a piece of that conversation.

If you were an animal what would you be and why?
“A lion. Everyone would be afraid of me, and I would be at the top of the food chain. But the main reason is somewhere I heard that lions sleep around 20 hours a day… nothing can beat that.”

What did you enjoy most about the Thanksgiving trip to the Bahamas?
“Dancing in the square. It was fun because no one would do it at first. Jamie and I were out there dancing like maniacs in front of a lot of people to the Caribbean tradition of Cher.”

Are their any movies that you watch to get motivated before a game and why?
“The movie King Pin, starring Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray. I get really inspired when Bill `Ernie’ pulls out some dance moves after bowling a strike. He has the best comb-over. And when Roy won, even with a prosthetic hand… simply amazing.”

What is the biggest difference between playing collegiate and high school basketball, and has it been difficult to adjust to?
“Well, I went from being large to being scrawny. I’ll be honest, I never played defense as to save myself for the offensive end. That is unfortunately not possible anymore.”

If you could have an all expenses paid trip anywhere, where would it be and why?
“I would love to see the rest of Europe. After going to Italy, it made me appreciate the different way of life over there. It was very appealing.”

What is your most embarrassing moment while attending the University of Iowa and why?
“Well, it actually happened before I got here. On my recruiting visit, in the year 2000, our football team beat Michigan State. I was in the front row, and since it was my first game, I had no idea the students would rush the field. I tripped running onto the field and got trampled. I got a busted lip.”

If you could see any band or singer in concert alive or dead who would it be and why?
“Elvis Presley back during his hip swinging craze. I probably would have been one of those crying, screaming girls holding a sign.”

What attracted you most to the University of Iowa and its basketball program and why?
“The coaching staff and the goals they had set for the future. I wanted to play for the best. When I finally met my teammates, I knew I had made the right choice.”

What will you remember the most about your four years as a student-athlete at Iowa?
“Of course the fans and parents. They have been so supportive through the good and bad. But I don’t think our band gets enough recognition. They always provide the noise and enthusiasm every home game.”

If you were not playing basketball at the University of Iowa what else would you be doing and why?
“I would be running track at a Division II school, and wondering why I didn’t stick with basketball.”

If you could be anything you wanted to be without considering money or education what would you be and why?
“A fashion editor for a top magazine, like Vogue. Probably because I have a shopping addiction, and I could score free clothes and goodies.”

You made a big 3-pointer in the final seconds in last year’s game at Marquette. Was that one of the biggest shots you have made at Iowa?
“Probably. It was funny because I hadn’t really played in the game before that. I pretty much made the 3-pointer and came right back out.”