Hawkeyes Talk Weather, Tigers

Dec. 26, 2004

There were three themes in play when the Iowa Hawkeyes met the media after their Sunday practice in preparation for the 2005 Capital One Bowl.

First, if the game-day weather for Iowa’s New Year’s Day date with Louisiana State was the same as Sunday’s, the Hawkeyes wouldn’t mind a bit.

Second, the Tigers are likely to be the most athletic team Iowa will face this season, an explosive unit that has the attention of the Hawkeye offense and the UI defense.

Third, it’s not about them as much as it is about us – Iowa will need to execute and minimize errors if they want to claim a second straight victory in the state of Florida.

“We’d play in this,” wide received Ed Hinkel said when asked about practice conditions in “balmy Florida”.

“It’s going to bounce back. Maybe I’ll hit Wet `n Wild tomorrow.
UI Defensive End Matt Roth commenting on the weather in Orlando which was a chilly and windy Sunday

“Yeah. It’s kind of chilly today and it rained yesterday. Sure, we’d like it to be a little nicer, but we’re still getting our work in. In fact, it’s going pretty well.”

Iowa’s all-America defensive end, Matt Roth, must have checked the weather report prior to getting taped for the day’s workout.

“It’s going to bounce back,” Roth said. “Maybe I’ll hit Wet `n Wild tomorrow,” he laughed.

For the record, the temperature at Iowa’s practice field just to the southwest of the Florida Citrus Bowl – site of the annual Capital One Bowl – was just below 40 with stiff winds from the north.

Yes, as legendary Iowa broadcaster Bob Brooks noted, “It’s more like the weather you’d expect for an Iowa-Minnesota game.”

The weather in Orlando is, indeed, supposed to bounce back with game day projected be in the mid-70s with partly sunny skies. A fast track…just what the Tigers ordered.

“They’re pretty good offensively with some great backs. We’re going to have to gang tackle and try to get them into a position where they’re one dimensional,” said Roth.

Asked whether LSU’s backfield compares favorably with that of Minnesota’s, Roth was deft. “You hate to compare, but they’re both big and strong and capable of breaking tackles. Yeah, they’re good,” he said.

Hinkel is preparing for athletes. “Their defensive backs are good, very good. And, as a whole, they’re probably the most athletic team will play this year. It should be fun.”

When it’s all said and done, however, the Hawkeyes agree: A victory will be a by-product of an Iowa team that hits on all cylinders and avoids silly mistakes.

“Preparation, penalties and execution. That’s what it will come down to. It always does,” said Drew Tate, who, like few other Hawkeyes, said the decision on Christmas night by LSU Coach Nick Saban to move to the NFL after the game will likely put an extra charge into the Tigers.

“They’ll probably play a little harder under the circumstances,” offered Iowa’s quarterback.

“I hope so. I hope we get LSU’s best shot,” offered Hinkel.