Q-and-A With Stacy Schlapkohl

Jan. 6, 2005

hawkeyesports.com visited recently with freshman power forward Stacy Schlapkohl from Durant, IA. Here’s a piece of that conversation.

Where were you and want was your reaction when you saw Iowa win the Capital One Bowl? “I was on the bus with the team on our way to Illinois. We had two little portable TV’s that people were crowded around. Coach Morgan started yelling `touchdown, touchdown.’ Then everybody started screaming. I didn’t even know what happened because I couldn’t see the screen. Everybody was jumping up-and-down on the bus. It was awesome!!!!!!”

What is your biggest pet peeve? “When people use improper English such as (I seen it, it should be I saw it). Also, when people chomp their gum.”

You played four sports in high school… did you ever have any free time? “I am a person who likes to stay busy and have something to do, so I didn’t really mind going from sport to sport; I liked the variety. The free time that I had usually came on the weekends.”

Which TV Show (past or present) is your favorite and why? “My favorite TV show is American Dreams, but since I have been at college, my roommate has got me hooked on the The O.C.”

Do you have any pre-game rituals, and if so what are they? “I am not the superstitious kind, but I have this ritual of chewing gum. I usually go out and shoot before we have our team meeting, and I chew a piece then. After our warm-up before the game I put a new one in, and then at halftime I put another one in. And my game gum has to be the green spearmint Orbit, it just lasts a long time.”

When you were little what did you pretend to be? “When I was little I pretended to be a lot of things. But I loved horses and I remember that I did pretend to be a horse jockey. I even dressed up for Halloween as a rider with the boots, tight pants, jacket and helmet, I think I even had the whip. But of course that would never have happened because jockeys were usually really short, and at age 10, I was probably already as tall, or taller, than they were.”

If you could trade places for a day with anyone, who would it be and why? “I would trade places with Bill Gates for a day because I think it would be fun for one day to be pampered and be able to buy anything I would want. I think it would also be fun to live in all his gorgeous houses.”

If you could have an all expenses paid trip anywhere, where would it be and why? “I would like to go somewhere overseas, where it would be warm. I like to visit and sightsee. But I would like to have some time to get a good tan too.”

Who makes you laugh the most of the team? “Everybody makes me laugh on the team, but I would have to say that Morgan does a pretty good job.”