Orlando Magic!

Feb. 4, 2005

Editor’s Note: The follwoing was written by David Pedersen and first appeared in the Feb. 4, 2005 edition of the University of Iowa publication, fyi.

Without a doubt, “Tate-to-Holloway” ranks as one of the greatest moments in Hawkeye football history. But for one Orlando, Fla., man, it was the heady performance of the team’s medical staff that was truly unforgettable.

On Christmas night, one week before the Iowa-Louisiana State University Capital One Bowl contest, the Hawkeye football team, coaches, staff, and their families were enjoying a banquet in the Orlando Peabody Hotel when one of the wait staff collapsed. Joseph Chuva, 50, had suffered a heart attack while carrying a tray of dishes.

Iowa team physicians Ned Amendola and Paul Baumert, as well as athletic training staff members Russ Haynes, Paul Federici, and Kristi Davidson, sprang into action. Amendola and Baumert immediately administered CPR. An automated external defibrillator nearby was quickly brought in, and the electric shock and continued CPR helped the man regain a pulse. The group stayed with Chuva until paramedics arrived.

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