Did You Get Your Picture Taken?

Sept. 4, 2005

So, you got to Kinnick Stadium Saturday for the Iowa Hawkeyes’ 56-0 victory over Ball State.

Did you also happen to have your photograph taken by one one of the staff of AllNetPhoto.com during pre-game activities? If so, click HERE to check out the finished product and your options in terms of print sizes and other items.

Remember, you’ll need the password that was printed on the backside of the card provided to you on game day after the photo was taken. (Of course, if you’ve misplaced that card and the password, there’s a customer service number you can call.

Staff of AllNetPhoto.com are provided access to the parking lots and other popular pre-game tailgate areas that are on University of Iowa property by the UI Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. They’ll be on campus for each of the six home games of the 2005 Iowa Hawkeyes…so get you picture taken with you friends and guests at all six games!