Here We Go Again? Hope So!

Oct. 22, 2005

“When something happens three straight seasons, it stops being a coincidence and becomes a habit,” writes Bruce Hensley in an article he wrote for that appeared online earlier this week.

“At least, it does everywhere but Iowa.

“Coach Kirk Ferentz can’t count on history repeating itself, particularly not this week with Michigan headed for Kinnick Stadium and a Big Ten title-shaping showdown Saturday afternoon.

“Ferentz would have everyone believe that automatics don’t exist in his program, even though it sure looks like they do, given the recent past.

“See Iowa sitting there at 3-1 in the Big Ten (5-2 overall), tied with Wisconsin and Penn State for first place in a league where 9 of 11 teams are bunched within one game in the loss column?”

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