Q-and-A with Ebone Pope

Dec. 18, 2005

What is your favorite type of seafood and why?
“I love crab legs, but my favorite would have to be cat fish at my family’s fish fry. There’s nothing like fish and spaghetti.”

What is your favorite scene in Meet The Fockers?
“I have two scenes. First, when little Jack says his first word. And my second favorite scene is after Jack (Robert DeNiro) drugs Greg (Ben Stiller) right before his big speech when he tells everybody Pam is pregnant, then says `Focker, Out’ and hits the ground.”

What is your most prized possession?
“My most prized possession is my movie collection. It doesn’t matter how I feel, there is always a movie to relate to. I’m trying to compete with my brother Earl, so I keep a close eye on my collection.”

If you were a superhero, what type of superpower would you want as your trademark?
“I would want `Fire’ like the guy in the movie Fantastic Four. He couldn’t be touched and he could fly. The best part was he could control it.”

When you were little, who did you pretend to be and why?
“The American Gladiators. My brothers and I would set up courses and race through them. We would scale walls, climb the banister and have it all cleaned up before our parents got home.”

What will you remember the most about your two years as a student-athlete at Iowa?
“Well first off, the first day Coach Bluder told me I was getting a scholarship, my heart dropped. But most importantly, the girls on the team all calling me “Bones and Bony.” I must give credit for the two that gave me my nickname because you know you’ve really made the team when you get a nickname, so Tiffany and Morgan, this is my shot out to you guys.”

What do you like most about the holidays?
“Going home to see my family when we all get together. We eat a lot of food, then sit around and talk about old times. But the best part is to play spades.”

If you could speak another language, which would it be and why?
“I don’t want to just speak one, I would want a machine that would let me speak whatever language I was around so I could travel around the world.”