Q-and-A with Stacy Schlapkohl

Jan. 24, 2006

Do you have any impulse buys when you are at the store? If so, what are they?
“I usually don’t have impulses, but I would say jewelry, and shoes if I can find really cute ones without too high of a heal.”

What is your favorite thing to do during the summer months?
“I just like to relax, and enjoy the free time and the sun, although I am a person who just can’t lay around all day. I like to have things to do to.”

What was your first job as a kid? Did you like it?
“My first job as a kid would have been babysitting, and I did like it because most of the kids were neighbors, and I like young kids, which is what made it fun.”

Is there any significance to your uniform number?
“There really is no significance in my number. I had it all through high school, and come to find out, my grandpa also wore No. 40 throughout high school.”

What was your favorite road trip so far during your collegiate career? Why?
“Well, I don’t think that anything so far has topped the Bahamas trip over Thanksgiving Break last year. It was just fun to be on the beach, and to top it all, we won the tournament!!!”

Which technological advancement (i.e., TIVO, ipod, portable DVD, etc.) do you not have yet, that you really want, and why?
“For Christmas I just got a nano ipod, which I am still trying to figure out, but right now I am thinking maybe a laptop computer, because I only have a desktop and sometimes it would be nice to do school work while we are traveling.”

How difficult is it sitting on the bench knowing that you can’t play in practice and games?
“It is pretty difficult. If the team is struggling I want to be able to help, and if we win you want to think you were part of that. It was a big adjustment for me because I have never been injured and not been able to play. It is hard, but it just makes me want to get better faster so I can be back out there; you never know what you truly have until it is gone.”

Which teammate has the best cell phone ring?
“Well I would have to say it comes between two really. Abby had the `Ice Ice Baby’ ring on her phone, and coming back from San Fransico, Abby taught little David Bluder to sing the song, and now Tiffany has little David’s voice singing `Ice Ice Baby’ as her ring. I’ll give them both credit.”