Q-and-A with Kristi Smith

Feb. 13, 2006

How disappointed are you that the Denver Broncos did not make the Super Bowl?
“To be honest I didn’t really follow the Broncos much this season for two reasons. First, I never knew when they were playing and secondly, I couldn’t stand Jake Plummer’s beard. I did have fun teasing Morgan about the Bears’ early elimination, though.”

What sports do you like to play other than basketball?
“Soccer actually used to be my favorite sport, but around sixth grade I saw the light and switched to basketball. I also used to play softball a lot, but once I got braces I stopped playing because I was afraid of getting hit in the mouth with the ball. Oh, and I also like to pretend that I’m good at golf, when actually I’m pretty horrible.”

Is there any significance to your uniform number?
“When I was younger my favorite player was the point guard at Horizon High School, and she wore No. 11. Another reason why I picked 11 is because everyone always fought over No. 23 and I didn’t want to deal with that, so I just picked another number.”

Do you have any phobias, if so which one(s)?
“Pretty much anything that involves spiders freaks me out. But, by far my worst fear is waking up to a spider crawling on me… I’m getting chills just thinking about it.”

Do you collect any thing? If so, what and why?
“I used to collect Beanie Babies, and at one point I was even a member of the official fan club. I started collecting beanies when I was little because I thought they were cute but I also figured they would be worth some money someday, so now instead of getting a job I can just sell my Beanie Babies.”

If you could compete on any game show (past or present), which would it be and why?
“I would be on the Real World/Road Rules Inferno because the show is always held in exotic locations and I love the competitive atmosphere. The extreme activities are also a plus, it would be way fun to jump out of air planes and do crazy stuff like that.”

What was the best part about growing up in Colorado?
“Those beautiful Rocky Mountains of course. I always had a blast going up to mountains with friends or family for a weekend and just relaxing. Another plus is that I lived in the `Mile High City’ and I was always in good shape because of the elevation, and believe me nothing will get you in shape faster than running at 5,280 feet.”

What DVD and/or CD would you consider to be the most embarrassing in your collection?
“Herman’s Hermits Greatest Hits is probably the most embarrassing CD I own. When I was younger I had a deep obsession with the song `I’m Henry the VIII, I Am’. And don’t ask me how I came across that CD because I couldn’t tell ya.”