Hawkeyes Visit Extreme Home Makeover Site

Oct. 3, 2006

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The GymHawks visited the set of Extreme Home Makeover in September. The hit TV series ventured to Iowa to seek out the Kibe family.

A few days before Christmas 2005, they received a frantic call from a neighbor. Their house was on fire. They rushed back to the farm in time to see the firemen tossing the charred remains of their wrapped Christmas gifts out of the broken windows. The house and nearly all its contents were destroyed. After several attempts at living in hotels, the family of five moved into a one bedroom rented camper trailer parked on the farm. All three boys slept in tents outside due to the lack of room within the small camper. Hardly an ideal situation.

Ty and his crew decide this family needed their help and Iowa Gymnastics went out to the small town of Gladbrook to see if they could volunteer their services for such a worthy family!