Ten Questions With Stacy Schlapkohl

Nov. 17, 2006

Who is the best volleyball player on the team?
“I am not actually sure, but I know we would be a pretty good volleyball team because we are tall and a lot of us have high school experience. I know Krista is pretty good, and I do have to say that Abby makes a pretty good libero for not having played much in high school.”

You and Krista VandeVenter are co-captains this year. What are the captain’s responsibilities?
“The captains’ responsibilities are to communicate team issues between the coaches and players. Also, to make sure that the team understands when we have stuff to turn in and when things are due. Captains are also responsible for being leaders and role modes on and off the court.”

What was the most difficult aspect of suffering a season-ending injury last December?
“That’s tough to pinpoint, but I think knowing that I should be out there playing with my teammates, but I couldn’t. I wanted to be doing what they were doing instead of watching and feeling useless. You think that three hours of practice sounds long, wait until you have to sit and just watch the time go by. I had never suffered an injury that kept me out of sports before, so this was something new for me, but it kind of gives you a new passion for the game again!!”

Do you collect anything?
“Well, I don’t really collect anything now, but when I was little I used to be obsessed with horses and collect them. Oh, in high school I started collecting the state quarters, but that is now left up to my mom.”

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
“I think that everyone has guilty pleasures, but mine might be sweets in general and peanut butter along with playing online jigsaw puzzles.”

What is your favorite Vince Vaughn movie and why?
“Out of the ones I have seen, I think that Wedding Crashers is my favorite and by far one of the funniest. I think the duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson makes it hilarious.”

Describe the circumstances in you meeting Janet Reno?
“I met Janet Reno when I was 10 years old in Huston, Texas. My grandpa Bob Rice was the sheriff of Polk County (Des Moines) and they had a sheriff’s convention every year and when all the grandchildren turned 10 he took us on a trip to wherever the convention was. It just so happened that Janet Reno was the key note speaker and my grandpa received an award, so that’s how I got to meet her.”

If you could speak another language, which would it be and why?
“I wish I could speak fluent Spanish. I took Spanish in high school, but not enough to have and understand an actual conversation.”

What are some of your favorite memories from this past summer?
“This past summer I actually stayed in Iowa City and did a lot of rehabbing, getting a good tan, hanging out with friends and teammates, and just being able to relax.”

What’s the best thing about being tall?
“I think being tall has lots of advantages. The fact that you can never get lost or lose anyone in a crowd, you can reach most places, and see over others at concerts. Oh, and as far as basketball goes, you get to shoot over little guards, shoot close to the basket, and not have to dribble too much.”