Q-and-A With Wendy Ausdemore

Nov. 29, 2007

How do you feel about hosting Georgia Tech in the inaugural Big Ten/ACC Challenge?
“I am very excited about the first-ever Big Ten/ACC Challenge. It is always fun to play good teams early in the season. We are all very excited to be back on our home court in front of our fans!!”

What was your favorite moment from the team’s trip to Greece this past summer?
“The entire trip was a blast. My favorite day was the three island cruise. The islands were beautiful, and we all jumped off the rocks into the Mediterranean Sea. Favorite moment however, would have to be on the plane when we were all awakened, after very little sleep, to the flight attendants repeatedly saying `Tea Please, Thai.’ It was just the way they said it and how they kept walking up and down the aisles for what seemed like forever that made us all laugh. We still randomly yell out a `Tea Please, Thai.'”

What TV show is your guiltiest pleasure to watch?
“I don’t really watch a lot of TV, so there isn’t one show that I can’t miss. But, I will admit that in the mornings or whenever I’m at home I usually have CMT music videos on. I like country music and I can get other things done without having to pay attention to the TV. I watch a lot of Dirty Jobs because Mike Rowe is a pretty cool guy and Mythbusters because they do some pretty amazing things.”

Where is your favorite place to eat in the Big Ten?
“This is a very tough question because we eat at some very good places. I’m going to have to go with Asuka at Indiana because I really like Japanese food. A close second is Buca de Beppo because they serve you family style and it is really good Italian.”

How would you characterize this year’s team chemistry?
“The team chemistry is one of the greatest things about this year’s team. Being able to travel overseas this summer allowed us to spend time together and create memories off the court. Having everyone back, and our senior class, makes this team special. We have been through it all together, and we want to make this season a very memorable one.”

What makes you laugh the most?
“Well, laughing is one of the greatest things ever, and I’ve been known to laugh pretty hard sometimes!! But being tickled and telling old stories gets me the most. My dad used to tickle me till I laughed so hard I was would be crying when I was little. Telling old stories with the team also makes me laugh hysterically, especially stories about growing up and stories about our parents; it’s straight-up comedy sometimes.”

Do you have any impulse buys when you are at the store?
“I have to admit I always go to the sales rack first just to check things out; I get that from my mom and Grandma. I usually buy some sort of shirt that I don’t really need. Another item I always stop to look at and usually buy is picture frames because I love scrap booking and pictures. I can always find a picture to fill a frame.”

What song would you sing to win a karaoke contest?
“Well after watching the karaoke contest in Cancun I feel pretty confident about this one! First of all I would have to ask Abby (Emmert) to join me, so she could sing soprano and I could sing alto. We do a nice duet and love to sing high/low together in the car. We would sing `Lean on Me’ because it’s just a great song, and we all need someone to lean on at times!”

What did you like most about the team’s trip to Cancun last week?
“Staying in an all-inclusive resort was definitely a highlight because you could eat whatever you wanted whenever for free, so I’m going to miss that a little bit. The day we rented jet skis and went snorkeling was the most memorable because Abby and I rode double on the Jet Ski. I still don’t know how we didn’t fall off after we hit a few waves going a little too fast. It was also my first experience snorkeling so I was excited we got to do that, even though I panicked a few times and tried to breathe through my nose. I got the breathing technique down though, and made it safely back to shore as Abby drove the Jet Ski for her first time ever.”