Q-and-A With Megan Skouby

Dec. 6, 2007

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
“I love Pez, some people already know that about me, but I thought maybe everyone else should know. My favorite would probably have to be my two giant Snoopy and Woodstock dispensers.”

If you could be on a reality show(past or present) which would it be and why?
“Maybe The Real World, everyone knows that I would be an awesome character, I am just crazy enough and I get along with pretty much everyone… until you make me mad. Or possibly Made and I would be made into either a skater or a ball room dancer. How cool would a 6-6 dancer be? It would make me a little more graceful too!”

What did you like most about the team’s trip to Cancun last week?
“The best part was the wildlife. We went snorkeling and that was the most amazing experience of my life. I also played a game of chicken with a huge iguana; I won and petted it!”

What technological advancement could you not live without?
“Well, it is a close call between my phone and computer, but I think the computer wins. The world is at my fingertips.”

What was your first job as a child? Did you like it?
“I have never had a job in my life, unless you count babysitting and I loved that `job’. Other than that the only other responsibilities I have had are chores and sports.”

If you were a superhero, what type of superpower would you want as your trademark?
“As cool as x-ray vision, mind reading, or flight would be, I think I would like the ability to teleport myself wherever I want, whenver I want. Then I could go home to see my family all the time, or I don’t have to if I want to stay here!”

Do you have any hidden or useless talents few people know about?
“I have awesome double jointed elbows. It really freaks people out the first time they see it. I once convinced my high school coach that I broke my elbow on the bus and couldn’t play in the upcoming game. We all had a good laugh.”

What are you favorite websites to surf and why?
“Addictinggames.com, I can sit and play games for hours on end in my room. I like to play a guitar game the most, it reminds me of guitar hero which is one of my favorite playstation games.”

If you owned a boat, what would the name on the boat?
“Hope… if I own a boat, I am going to need a lot of hope that I don’t get lost at sea. I would definitely need a navigator because I am really bad with directions, but other than that put some scuba diving equipment on the boat and I will just live in the ocean.”

If you could have any job, what would it be?
“To help restore the mangrove forests of the world. I knew that the forests were beautiful from pictures, but seeing them in real life has really instilled some passion to maintain the world’s wildlife, particularly the mangrove forests and coral reef sites.”