Q-and-A With JoAnn Hamlin

Jan. 29, 2008

How would you describe yourself on the court? Off the court?
“On the court, I would say that I am very aggressive and very emotional. I like to play hard and WIN of course. Off the court, I would say that I am still aggressive in some aspects, but also I am very light-hearted and love to laugh and play games and just hang out.”

Describe what it was like not being able to compete last season due to the NCAA transfer rules?
“It was really hard to sit on the bench last year, and it was even harder when I couldn’t even travel with the team! Even though we struggled last year, I still tried to stay positive and make the most out of the practices.”

What are your favorite web sites to surf?
“I really don’t spend a lot of time on the Internet; I check my e-mail and my bank account. I also spend some time on Facebook but not that much.”

Do you have any pre-game rituals, and if so what are they?
“I don’t have one thing that is very big, but I do chew gum when we stretch. Then, when we go back into the locker room, I get rid of it.”

What is your favorite sport to play other than basketball?
“In high school I loved track and field – I was a thrower, and I kind of miss that. Now, I would have to say a round of golf here-and-there is good for me.”

What television show(s) is your guiltiest pleasure? What makes it such?
“Well I love to watch CSI!! I am in love with that type of stuff. I really like the Las Vegas one, but I also watch the Miami one too. Chuck Evens and I have great talks after the shows each week.”

What is your most prized possession?
“I really don’t have one, but I would have to say that I really like my cell phone. Another one might be the pictures that I have of my little niece, Baylee.”

Do you have any hidden or useless talents few people know about?
“I always say I have a lot of talents and my teammates laugh at me, but I can make my tongue look like a flower. Is that a talent?”

What was it like growing up in a small town in Kansas?
“Well, I would have to say that growing up where I did taught me a lot. I helped my dad on the ranch during the summer and that taught me hard work and that’s stuck with me through my life. It’s different because I think Iowa City is a big town, and to most people it’s really small. Also, I didn’t get to see some of the things that you would see when you are in a big city or even in a different state! Moving to Iowa has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I like to say that I have been cultured since I have moved here.”

How many songs do you have on your iPod? What group do you listen to the most?
“I don’t have an iPod, but I have a mp3 player. I only have like 700 songs on it, and the group I listen to the most would have to be either Mercy Me or some kind of country, George Strait or something like that.”