Q-and-A With Lindsey Nyenhuis

Feb. 11, 2008

What are your favorite types of candy?
“I have two favorite kinds of candy; Blow Pops and M&M’s. A Blow Pop is a total flavor explosion that lasts several minutes, and to top it off, it turns into gum! What a brilliant concept! I LOVE M&M’s, however I am very particular in the way I eat them. I first separate them by color, and when they finally make it to my mouth, one at a time of course, I like to try and break off the candy coated shell with my teeth before I completely chew the savory little morsels that melt in my mouth and not in my hand!”

What are your favorite web sites to surf?
“My favorites are definitely facebook and youtube. It’s sad to say, but facebook is one of the main ways that I keep in touch with people from back home. I love youtube because some of the videos on there are absolutely hilarious! I am currently hooked on `Charlie Bit Me.’ You should probably check it out!”

Do you have any big plans for this summer?
“I think the word `big’ may be an understatement for my plans for the summer. I think `HUGE’ is more appropriate. I have just accepted an internship working with FOX! Even more exciting is that I will be working at the headquarters in Los Angeles! I have hopes of eventually working in the entertainment industry, and working in L.A. for one of the most prestigious entertainment companies is simply a dream come true!”

Do you have any pre-game rituals, and if so what are they?
“Unlike some of my teammates, I am not someone who has an extensive list of pre-game rituals. The only thing that I need before every game is my music. I have my `pre-game rock out’ play list on my iPod that I jam out to before we warm up every game. The list contains songs from; Pink, Daughtry, Bon Jovi, and Justin Timberlake. The one song that I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to listen to, that could constitute for my pre-game ritual is `Smile’ performed by Gina Glocksen on American Idol. Although it’s a slow song, the lyrics speak for themselves, and Gina Beena’s flawless voice always gets me excited to play.”

What television show(s) is your guiltiest pleasure? What makes it such?
“Is this a trick question or something? The TV show that is my guiltiest pleasure is obviously American Idol. I can’t explain how much heat I’ve taken over the years for my love for American Idol, but it’s great TV! Who doesn’t love seeing the rejects in the beginning episodes, and Simon’s over-the-top, completely controversial comments to the contestants? The contestants themselves are another reason why I love it! I think every girl’s heart sank when Ace Young from Season 5 flashed his blue eyes and belted out `Father Figure’, and who didn’t cheer when Sanjaya finally got the boot? I know some people think I’m a dork, but even Chuck Evans, knows all the `Idol’ gossip!”

What is something few people know about you?
“Something few people know about me is that I am deathly afraid of needles. I admit, I cry like a baby when I get shots. One of my initial concerns when I first got injured was that I thought I would have to get a cortisone shot in my foot. Come to find out, I never had to get one. In fact, the idea was never even presented by the doctors, but in my mind I was going to have to get a needle jabbed into my foot, and the thought of it almost made me cry. The funny thing about my fear of needles is that it only pertains to shots. I have two small tattoos and although my tattoos weren’t the most comfortable feelings in the world, I could have a hundred tattoos and think nothing of the tiny needle that penetrates your skin at a rate of 300 times a minute.”

If you could speak another language, which would it be?
“To be perfectly honest, I love the English language. I love it so much that I have already fulfilled an English minor, and if a career in entertainment doesn’t work out, I could totally see myself being a high school English teacher in hopes of being as good of a teacher as Mrs. Damuth, my favorite English teacher ever! I will say however, that it would be nice to be able to speak and understand old English. That way, in the moments when I feel extremely academic, I could read Beowulf in its entirety, without having to look up every word in the footnotes printed on the bottom of each page.”