Q-and-A With Kelsey Cermak

March 24, 2008

What are your favorite kinds of snacks?
“My favorite snacks are strawberry fruit snacks. My roommate and I always have a full basket of them in our dorm room.”

What’s it like having a birthday on Halloween?
“Having my birthday on Halloween is pretty fun. I had the best Halloween parties when I was little. It’s also a good set up for many jokes…I think I’ve heard them all.”

What have you learned the most, on and off the court, in your first year at college?
“On the court, I’ve learned so many little things about the game, in general, from both the coaches and upperclassmen on the team. Off the court, I’ve learned a lot of time management. Especially during season, you have to plan ahead a lot to get everything done.”

What was your first job as a child? Did you like it?
“My first job was probably babysitting kids in my neighborhood with my brother, Brett. I’m pretty sure I was the one that actually watched the kids though, while he watched TV and got paid. My favorite job was when I worked at Finishline in high school because I love buying shoes and I got an awesome discount.”

Where would you go for your dream vacation?
“Right now, my dream vacation is anywhere there is a beach or anywhere the temperature is above 30 degrees. Lately, it hasn’t been very fun walking to class in a foot of snow or slush. Also, I want to go somewhere with a beach and learn how to surf.”

What is your favorite meal to eat and where is your favorite restaurant?
“My favorite meal is any breakfast that my Dad makes. Although Hillcrest (our cafeteria on campus) has a good breakfast menu, nothing beats my Dad’s eggs benedict. My favorite restaurant is Bravo. I always try to go there whenever I go home.”

Do you have any good stories you can share about any of the seniors?
“Surprisingly there hasn’t really been a lot of embarrassing moments this year. Abby did take a hard fall during a timeout in Cancun. She was just sitting down on her chair listening to Coach and next thing we knew she was on the ground. It made for a pretty good laugh. We have five great, special seniors on this team that will be greatly missed next year. Each one of them played a big part in making my transition to college a smooth and extremely fun one!”

Do you have any hobbies, and/or what do you like to do in your spare time?
“During the summer I love going boating at the lake and jet skiing. This past summer Johanna and Kristi introduced me to the `toilet bowl’ slide at the Coralville pool and we spent a lot of our free time there. Other than that, I like going shopping, playing any sports, hanging out with friends and watching a good movie.”

What song would you sing to win a karaoke contest?
“You would have to pay me a lot of money to enter any karaoke test. I don’t have a very good voice, so I think I’ll leave all the karaoke singing to Niner.”