Game Day: Trademark, Alcohol and No-smoking Policies

Aug. 28, 2008

IOWA CITY – University of Iowa officials and UI Police will be on the lookout for and enforcing laws concerning illegal Hawkeye merchandise, such as t-shirts, being sold by non-licensed vendors at football games this fall.

“We love seeing Hawkeye fans decked out in black and gold, but we do want to make sure that we protect our trademarks and support those Hawkeye licensees who abide by the rules regarding the production and sale of clothing and other items with our trademarks, such as the Tiger Hawk and Herky,” says Dale Arens, director of University of Iowa Trademark Licensing Program.

Unauthorized use of The University of Iowa trademarks, word marks, symbols and logos is a violation of state and federal law.

In addition, UI Police and other law enforcement personnel will enforce laws prohibiting underage consumption of alcoholic beverages and possession of open containers of liquor, beer and wine on public sidewalks and streets.

State law prohibits the consumption of hard liquor and the possession of an open bottle of hard liquor on public property, which includes UI parking lots. People caught violating the law will be required to empty thebottle(s) and will be issued a citation.

Anyone in possession of an open container of alcohol (including beer, wine or hard liquor) on the sidewalks or streets on the way to Kinnick Stadium will be issued a citation and the beverage will be confiscated.

Fans should also remember that Iowa’s minimum legal drinking age is 21. Within Kinnick stadium, unruly and disruptive fans will be ejected and will face arrest and possible revocation of ticket privileges.

Fans are also encouraged to remember Iowa’s law, under which a blood alcohol content of .08 percent is considered presumptive of guilt in cases of driving while intoxicated.

UI officials urge fans to use alcohol responsibly. They suggest having plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available, and serve adequate food to reduce the effects of alcohol. Select a designated driver or stop serving and consuming alcohol several hours before attempting to drive.

The University of Iowa is a smoke-free campus. Consistent with the Smoke-Free Air Act, Chapter 142D, Code of Iowa, that became law in the State of Iowa on July 1, 2008, smoking inside or around Kinnick Stadium or anywhere on the University of Iowa campus is prohibited. Individuals who are observed smoking will be asked to extinguish their smoking materials. Flagrant or repeated violations, or people who are uncooperative will be asked to leave Kinnick Stadium or University property for the day. Smoking is allowed along Melrose from sidewalk to sidewalk.