Post-Game Quotes

Aug. 30, 2008

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Iowa Player Quotes

DE Adrian Clayborn:
(on putting pressure on a mobile quarterback)
“Yeah he was rolling out a lot and that kind of messed with us, but I think we got some good pressure on him.”

(on getting off to a good start)
“It’s nice to be 1-0; you can’t do any better than that.”

(on getting his first start)
“It was fun out there, it was real fun.”

LB A.J. Edds:
(on the game)
“It was a good win. We came out and jumped on them pretty quick. The good thing was that we finished strong… we left with 30 points on the board. We kept pushing, offensively and defensively we finished strong, especially those young guys in there. It was a good thing to see.”

(on the young guys getting experience)
“Yeah, it was good, because you never know down the road there might be some injuries, guys having to step in at different capacities, so it’s always good to get all the experience you can early in the season.”

(on play of the defense)
“We played good but at the same time we’re not satisfied by any means. The fact that they got down to field goal range and converted on the field goal kick at the end of the half, that’s something we have to clean up on. Across the board there were just too many things that we as a defense noticed that we need to clean up.”

RB Shonn Greene:
(on the team win)
“It felt great being with the team today. Everybody did a good job; offense, defense and special teams. I would like to thank the offensive line, they did a great job. The receivers were also blocking well down the field to really help out the running backs.”

(on a 43-point win to start the season)
“It feels great to get a win. The first step was to win today and protect Kinnick. We just have to keep it going from here.”

QB Jake Christensen:
(on today’s win over Maine)
“We played well today. We ran the ball well and the offensive line played really well. That is a big boosts for us. Overall, it was a good team win.”

(on the start for the offense)
“It was big. Last year we did not start very well in the first half of games. It is a big starting point for us but we still have a lot of work to do.”

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