Penn State-Minnesota Quotes

Nov. 9, 2008

Minnesota Head Coach Mikki Denney Wright

“Give credit to Penn State; they played a very good game. They are very dynamic up top, and we haven’t seen a lot of teams like that this season.”

“It was a very hard fought game. Our players really cared, and you could see that on the field. We really wanted to win this one.”

“We need to be better offensively in finishing in the final third. Executing will be crucial for us in the NCAA Tournament.”

Minnesota Freshman Midfielder Shari Eckstrom

“I thought we played pretty well and also played very physical.”

“It was a good game. We had some opportunities and we needed to finish. That is something we will be working on next week for the NCAA Tournament. We need to be better in the final third.”

Penn State Head Coach Erica Walsh

“It feels great. Being out here for five days and playing three tough games, it feels good to finish on top.”

“We saw some really good competition here and were able to play a lot of girls. We got a lot of time management practice and all of that should help us at the NCAA Tournament.”

Penn State Junior Goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher

“Making the tournament team feels great, but I’m happy for the entire team. We all worked really hard and it attributes a lot to the entire team.”

“The Big Ten is one of the toughest conferences in the country. To win three games in four days, it shows you a lot about your team and I’m excited about the NCAA Tournament.”

Penn State Sophomore Forward Danielle Toney

“After getting our first goal, we knew we’d need one more to put the game away. I’m just proud of all of the girls and glad we could get it done.”

“We couldn’t have done this without the entire team. Everyone put in so much effort this weekend and it came together for us.”

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