Post Game Quotes

Dec. 28, 2008

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Head Coach Sharon Versyp

“We know that when we come to Iowa it is one of the toughest environments to play in, even when I was a player it was tough. We know they play great at home and for us to win our second game on the road in the Big Ten is obviously really big for us. Iowa is extremely tough, but I thought the key for us was our bench play coming in and being able to score 17 points to their two.”

“We talked to Lindsey and Danielle and a lot of it is we play a tough nonconference schedule and that lessens their confidence sometimes, but when they finally break through and see that they can score down low I think they’re turning the tide. First it was the Illinois game and now this game, that’s that missing piece. We weren’t getting the threes so we told Lindsey and Danielle they had to be able to score down low. They were able to do that very effectively today.”

“I think we were very well prepared on the different players-how they shoot, if they go over left or right shoulder-we call it smothering so they can’t use a certain move. I think our post play is starting to step up and being able to defend. I think it’s the non-conference schedule really clicking and I think we’re really concentrating and being a lot more effective with our post game.”

Danielle Campbell

“We knew we had to come in here and give it all we got. Iowa is tough to play, like coach said, on the road and to win our second away game we knew we had to come in here and just do it.”

“It was fun. I was telling coach it was so much fun just coming in here with the crowd against us and the refs too at some points; it was just a lot of fun on the court today.”

Iowa Head Coach Lisa Bluder

“Purdue played a very good game and came into the game aggressive and physical defensively. I think their style shocked us. Going against Duke and some of those teams earlier in the season had prepared us for that style. However, perhaps the month between those games made us forget that.”

“Rebounding continues to be a problem for us–we gave up to many offensive rebounds and today the turnovers reared their ugly heads again. We had gotten them down the last several games but they flared up today and that was unfortunate. Purdue is an excellent basketball team and today their inside play dominated ours. We had no answer for the inside paint.”

“I feel very disappointed, it was on our home floor and Purdue is a team that we have played well at home in the past. I just thought we would give them a much better game than we did.”

Senior Guard Kristi Smith

“They have a good matchup zone and they made it hard for us to get it inside. Our posts had a hard time converting and we weren’t shooting that great from the outside either. Toward the second half we did better but they were a great defensive team.”

Senior Guard Wendy Ausdemore

“Purdue is a good team and very aggressive with great players. But we kind of killed ourselves too on turnovers. Anytime we got a roll going we would turn it over–we just need to get more physical ourselves in practice going against the guys and going against ourselves.”

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