Getting to Know...Jesse Luciano

Feb. 11, 2009

IOWA CITY, IA – Ten years from now, if University of Iowa junior Jesse Luciano knocks on your door, you could be in big trouble.

“The plan for now is to get a masters degree, compete during grad school and then hopefully go to work for the F.B.I.”

For now though, the only people that need to fear Luciano are his competitors. If this past cross-country season is any indication, his competitors have every right to be scared. Luciano was the lone Hawkeye from the men’s team to compete at the NCAA Cross Country Championships and his time there in the 10,000-meters (43rd, 30:17) ranks second in school history. He also set the school record for the 6,000-meters (23:01) with a fourth place finish at the Auburn Invite. It seems that such a successful season has only filled Luciano with more determination to improve.

“My goal for the season would be to score at the Big Ten Championships,” Luciano says. “Other than that I just want to keep improving and getting better every day.”

When the Villa Park, IL, native isn’t on the track or practicing, he’s just like any other college kid. He likes playing video games, hanging out, and just relaxing. On the road, Luciano likes to explore the various towns, watch movies, and drink the hotel coffee. Luciano tries to enjoy every moment of relaxation he can get, considering the difficulty of being a student-athlete.

“It’s really a lot of hard work,” Luciano admits. “It takes a lot of effort to try and give equal time to school and track, and still maintain a personal life.”

All of the hard work paid off for Luciano with last year’s trip to the NCAA Cross Country Championships, and before Luciano is forced to live a hidden life in the F.B.I., he’s doing his best to make himself as prominent as possible.

The Bio
Jesse Luciano
Birthday: January 10th, 1988
Year in School: Junior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Accounting
Hometown: Villa Park, IL

Favorite Pro Sport / Team: Football / Chicago Bears
Biggest Pet Peeve: Unplowed snow
Favorite TV Show: Lost
Last movie I saw and was it any good: Shooter, it was good
Most embarrassing CD I own: Hanson