Kirk? Tom? Daniel? Lauren?

June 18, 2009

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Kirk? Tom? Daniel? Lauren?

University of Iowa fans have an opportunity to reward head coaches Kirk Ferentz and Tom Brands on a job well done. They can also cast a vote for UI football kicker Daniel Murray and the rest of the Hawkeyes during a 24-23 last-second victory against Penn State or Lauren Pfeiffer and the field hockey Hawkeyes for their 2-1 win over Ohio State for the Big Ten Conference championship.

The Big Ten Network will recognize the best of Big Ten Conference sports in 2008-09 with the second annual Big Ten Network Awards live at 9 p.m. (Iowa time) on Friday, June 19.

Fan voting on will determine the winners in three categories, including Best Finish of the Year, Men’s Coach of the Year and Women’s Coach of the Year. Click HERE to place a vote.

The announcement of two Big Ten Conference awards, the Suzy Favor Award, for the conference’s best female student-athlete, and the Jesse Owens Award, for the best male student-athlete, will highlight the evening’s festivities.

The network also will have interviews with selected award winners, both coaches and players.

Nominees for the Men’s Coach of the Year award are Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, Michigan State men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo, Michigan State men’s soccer coach Joe Baum, Iowa wrestling coach Tom Brands and Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz. Nominees for Women’s Coach of the Year are Penn State volleyball coach Russ Rose, Illinois gymnastics coach Bob Starkell, Northwestern lacrosse coach Kelly Amonte Hiller, Northwestern tennis coach Claire Pollard and Ohio State basketball coach Jim Foster.

The other award categories and nominees are as follows (these are not voted on by fans):

Breakout Performance of the Year
Darryl Clark – Penn State football
Shonn Greene – Iowa football
Samantha Prahalis – Ohio State basketball
Monica Perry – Illinois softball
Terrelle Pryor – Ohio State football
Evan Turner – Ohio State basketball

Most Dominating Performance
Megan Hodge – Penn State volleyball (Final Four, 12/18 and 12/20/08)
Deshawn Sims – Michigan basketball (Big Ten Tournament, 3/12/09)
Brittany Weil – Iowa softball (10/4/08)
Derrick Williams – Penn State football (9/27/08)
Juice Williams – Illinois football (10/4/08)
Alex Wimmers – Ohio State baseball (4/1/09)

Most Courageous Performance
Jamelle Cornley – Penn State basketball
Robbie Hummel – Purdue basketball
Jaevery McFadden – Wisconsin football
Mark Mitera – Michigan hockey
Joe Paterno – Penn State football
Allie Southard – Penn State gymnastics

Best Finish of the Year
Illinois vs. Northwestern – men’s basketball (2/12/09)
Illinois vs. Penn State – men’s basketball (3/5/09)
Michigan vs. Purdue – football (11/1/08)
Michigan State vs. Purdue – women’s basketball (3/1/09)
Minnesota vs. Michigan – women’s basketball (2/15/09)
Northwestern vs. Minnesota – football (11/1/08)
Ohio State vs. Iowa – Big Ten Field Hockey Tournament Championship (11/9/08)
Ohio State vs. Northwestern – men’s basketball (2/18/09)
Penn State vs. Iowa – football (11/8/08)
Purdue vs. Central Michigan – football (9/20/08)
Purdue vs. Ohio State – Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament Championship (3/8/09)
Wisconsin vs. Michigan State – football (11/1/08)

Men’s Team of the Year
Iowa football
Iowa wrestling

Michigan State basketball
Michigan State soccer
Ohio State tennis
Penn State football

Women’s Team of the Year
Indiana swimming & diving
Iowa field hockey
Michigan gymnastics
Northwestern lacrosse
Northwestern tennis
Penn State volleyball

Game of the Year
Kansas vs. Michigan State – men’s basketball (3/27/09)
Michigan vs. Duke – men’s basketball (12/6/08)
Michigan vs. Purdue – football (11/1/08)
Michigan State vs. Connecticut – men’s basketball (4/4/09)
Michigan State vs. Penn State – men’s basketball (2/1/09)
Minnesota vs. Wisconsin – men’s basketball (1/15/09)
Northwestern vs. Michigan State – men’s basketball (1/21/09)
Penn State vs. Iowa – men’s basketball (3/7/09)
Penn State vs. Iowa – football (11/8/08)
Penn State vs. Nebraska – women’s volleyball Final Four (12/18/08)
Penn State vs. Ohio State – football (10/25/08)
Ohio State vs. Wisconsin – football (10/4/08)
Wisconsin vs. Michigan – football (9/27/09)