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Oct. 17, 2009


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Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz Post-Game Quotes
Camp Randall Stadium – Madison, Wis.

Opening Statement:
“Obviously we’re thrilled to get the victory here today. It was a very hard fought game from both teams. Both teams really competed hard. They really controlled play and dominated in the first half and then we were able to get a grip on things and play a little better in the second half. It was a game of big plays. It was two teams playing very hard out there and we’re thrilled to get the victory. It was a game of big plays, we did a good job of moving the football and getting points after that. We were able to survive our turnovers, defensively with three big stops then the offense took the ball and drove it. That sequence right there is probably where the game turned and it was just two teams playing very hard out there. We’re thrilled to get the victory.”

Similarities between this game and the Penn State game:
“This one was a little different. I don’t remember us getting handled so much up at Penn State. Wisconsin was really handling us in the first half … doing whatever they wanted to do. Like Penn State, some guys stepped up and made some big plays for us. It took a lot of different guys making big plays. That’s what it takes to win. You need some guys really stepping up and giving you great effort and that’s what we saw today.”

On Wisconsin’s defense:
“Credit starts in the locker room. On both sides of the ball our coaches made some good adjustments. Our players do a great job of regrouping when it’s going tough and today, it was going tough. They were having their way with us and most importantly, our players really played better in the second half which gave us a chance to win, otherwise we were going to be in trouble.”

On the flu:
“We’ve had our share. We’ve had two weeks now that we’ve gotten nailed a little bit. That’s the negative side of it. The positive side is that our medical staff has done a fantastic job of getting our guys back out there so I think for the most part, the loss was only one day. It’s reflective of our team, we keep pushing forward. They don’t seem to get too affected by what happens so hopefully we can continue that.”

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