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Nov. 8, 2009

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Head Coach Lisa Bluder

Opening statement

We executed very well in our first time out in a game type situation. Some of our freshmen played very well, the veterans you kind of expect, Kachine and Kamille, to play well and I think they did. Kelly, for her first start, also did a very nice job for us. I was really happy with Morgan’s start. As a freshman to start in the center position, she did some nice things. She missed some shots that she’s going to make down the line. I don’t remember the last time one person’s had six blocked shots in a game, so that was kind of nice to see. Overall I’m happy with this game; we have a long ways to go.

On starting Morgan

We’ve had her in the starting group since Friday, so she’s had some reps with that starting group. Morgan’s intensity, and she has such a positive spirit and works hard all the time, and when you have good things, good things usually happen. I was just really pleased with how she did out on the floor today.

On Kelly’s Confidence

I think freshman typically lose their confidence easier. I think women ten to lose their confidence and I think freshman are really bad with confidence. When you’re a veteran you can have a bad game and bounce back easier. But, when you’re a freshman you really don’t know where you fit in at that point that’s hard on any freshman. I don’t like it, but it’s not surprising. With the graduation of five people, Kelly understands that there is an opportunity here for her and she worked extremely hard over the summer. On her shot, form, and also working on that confidence as well.

19 assist, 8 turnovers, ball security

Very happy with that. Great assists, we shot the ball well it’s amazing to think of how badly we started out. We didn’t panic; we were getting good shot looks. We weren’t taking bad shots, it’s just a matter of time.

Sophomore Kelly Krei

On shooting three’s this year

I honestly do not know. It’s a confidence issue that I did lack last year and I’d like to maintain that throughout the season this year.

On her game today.

Well I just came in with confidence. I think that’s one thing that I lacked last year. Everyone around me has been giving good feedback. I just wanted to carry it into the game.

Freshman Morgan Johnson

On starting as a freshman

At first I was really nervous and then my teammates, the great teammates that they are, just kind of picked me up and told me since that’s what Coach needed of me right now I could step up and do that.

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