Post-game Quotes

Dec. 22, 2009

Recap | Box Score

Iowa Head Coach Lisa Bludder

Opening statement…
“I’m extremely proud of our basketball team and the way we battled in this game. I thought that we showed tremendous character. It was a tremendously physical basketball game. We kept our composure and we kept playing hard. Our defensive was very good, I thought, in this game. This was a very good offensive scoring team and a great transition team. I thought we transitioned well on defense and covered their three-point shooters very well. The rebounding in the second half was tremendous. We were down four rebounds at half, but we were plus 16 in the second half. We had 21 offensive rebounds. I loved the balanced scoring we had. Jamie came up big for us the last three and a half minutes, but I think our defense is what makes me happiest about this game. Kelly Krei keeps rebounding for us and I like that too.

On Jamie Printy’s young talent…
“I’ve always thought Jamie looked so mature but she did in high school too. She just carries herself in a confident manner, in a controlled manner, and I think it helps so much that she came here earlier. She kept come to this arena to watch us play and she could see herself out there. She was getting into a long time ago and I think mentally she was able to prepare herself ahead of time.”

#24 Jamie Printy

On shooting another three-pointer after missing her first…
“No, I was always taught that if you miss one, the next one is going in and I was open so I just shot it. But Kachine had a great pass to me after her board so I got the second chance.”

#20 Kelly Krei

On stepping up in the last few minutes…
“I think we just wanted to win and in order to win we needed to play those last three and a half minutes strong and I think everyone came together. Jamie (Printy) stepped up big with a few shots and I think we really came together in the last few minutes.

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