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Feb. 25, 2010

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Head Coach Lisa Bluder

Opening Statement

I’m happy to close out the home season with this win. We tend to make things exciting, we had things in hand when we were up 16 and kind of let them back into the game. At least we’re handling those situations well as far as keeping our composure, making our free throws down the stretch, and doing some good things with clock management. I’m so pleased with Kelly Krei getting 13 rebounds. We’ve tried to inspire her all year long to really board, because I thought she could do a better job at the rebounds. Today she gets her first double-double, I’m really happy to see that. Jaime getting the freshman scoring record, that record has stood for a long time. For her to take over that record that’s has held since 1983, that really is a major accomplishment. I’m really happy for her. Good win today, everything happened that we wanted to happen. There is a lot at stake going up to Wisconsin. If we win up there we finish third in the conference. If you said that six weeks ago people would have laughed at you. We’re pretty happy with the way things are going; we just want to have a great game at Wisconsin.


I love the double figures; we had four people in double figures tonight. That’s tremendous to see. We didn’t shoot as well from three-point range tonight, but we got good shots. I would be disappointed if we didn’t get good shots, but we were. A lot of times those averages balance out. The second half we did a better job of getting the ball in the paint. Whether it was by penetration or getting the ball into Morgan, we scored more paint points than they did. Then we finally got to the free throw line.

On Senior Night

I can’t believe it’s already here to be quite honest. It seems weird to think that may have been our last game in Carver-Hawkeye Arena, we hope it is the last game in Carver-Hawkeye Arena. It was kind of unusual. It didn’t feel right because Jo didn’t play this year. It’s really hard to honor her without her playing this year. We are really hoping that she really gets that extra year. If everything is right and fair in the world she should get that sixth year. We just have to hope the NCAA sees in that way.

Season Rebounding

We out- rebounded them by nine tonight. We had one little bleep, we didn’t out-rebound Northwestern. That might have been the difference in that game. We’ve definitely done a much better job in the last 10 games of understanding the importance of rebounding both ways, offensively and defensively. It’s not a coincidence our improved play has come along with that improved rebounding as well.

24, Jaime Printy

On Record

I honestly didn’t have any idea I was close. It’s a great honor to have, but I just want to keep winning these games.


We were cold at the beginning of the game. I was taught to keep on shooting and they will fall. We were getting really good looks and open shots. We kept on shooting and they finally fell.

21, Kachine Alexander


It has been rough going through all the pains of having a young team, as well as the streak that we were on. This team has grown tremendously from the beginning of the season to where we are now. I’m really proud of how are freshman have come along.

12, Morgan Johnson

On JoAnn Hamlin

Jo has been a big mentor for me this year. It feels really good to get that win for her, not only just that win but also how the season ended up turning out. I know deep down that I wouldn’t be in the position I am right now if I didn’t get to play against her all summer and if I didn’t have her on the bench. She is just that big of a supporter for me.

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