Wednesday kickoff: Marvin at Midnight

June 15, 2010

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Marvin at midnight, Weil and Watkins at 5, Metcalf at 1 p.m., Murray at 8 and Pfeiffer at 10.

Those are a few of the highlights the Big Ten Network will show Wednesday, June 16, during a week dominated by programming featuring the University of Iowa.

At midnight, the BTN will replay Iowa’s 15-13 win at Michigan State, decided by a 7-yard touchdown pass to Marvin McNutt from Ricky Stanzi with no time remaining Oct. 24 in East Lansing. Brittany Weil threw a perfect game and Liz Watkins belted a walk-off home run April 1, 2009, as the Hawkeyes swept Illinois in a softball doubleheader from Pearl Field. That will be aired at 5 a.m.

Later in the day (1 p.m. start), Brent Metcalf will be shown dominating Penn State’s Bubba Jenkins to win his second Big Ten Conference individual wrestling championship. Daniel Murray’s unforgettable 31-yard field goal with a second left, giving the Hawkeyes a 24-23 win against Penn State on Nov. 8, 2008, will be shown at 8 p.m. Two hours later, the BTN will finish programming for the day with a replay of Iowa’s 2-1 overtime victory against Ohio State in the finals of the conference tournament Nov. 9, 2008. Hawkeye Lauren Pfeiffer had both goals for the UI that day — the game-winner coming in the 80th minute off an assist from Caroline Blaum.


Midnight Iowa at Michigan State (2009 football)
4 a.m. Performing Iowa: Dance Gala
5 a.m. Illinois at Iowa (2009 softball)
7 a.m. Iowa at Michigan State (01/28/93 men’s basketball)
9 a.m. Iowa at Penn State (2002 football)
1 p.m. 2009 Big Ten Wrestling Championships
4 p.m. Performing Iowa: Dance Gala
5 p.m. Connecticut vs. Iowa (11/24/95 men’s basketball)
8 p.m. Penn State at Iowa (2008 football)
10 p.m. Ohio State vs. Iowa (2008 field hockey)

To see the entire list of programming this week on the Big Ten Network, click HERE.