10 Questions With Brett Greenwood

July 4, 2010

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A handful of University of Iowa football players met the media Tuesday, June 29, in the Player’s Auditorium inside the Hayden Fry Football Complex. Hawkeye senior free safety Brett Greenwood answered a few questions for hawkeyesports.com

You have now had back-to-back off-seasons nursing your shoulder back to health. Can you update your recovery?
Greenwood: I’m feeling real well. I had my second one and this year it’s felt the best that it’s ever felt; Dr. Wolf did a great job going back in there, really securing it and tightening it down, so hopefully this year I can go out there and play worry-free.

You came into the program as a walk-on. When did you realize that you could really make it at this level?
Greenwood: Maybe the first sign was my true freshman year, I think it was about the second or third game of the season, Coach Ferentz had me travel with the team. When that first happened I started to realize that I was doing things the right way and I might have a chance to stick with it.

Are there any Hawkeyes, past or current, that you modeled your play or work-ethic after?
Greenwood: The biggest one was always Sean Considine, he was also a walk-on and pretty-much from the same area I grew up in. From everything I heard, trying to model my style of play after his. He was an intelligent player, knew where he was supposed to be to make plays and help our defense collectively be in the right position to make the plays.

As a defensive back, you get a double-dose of playing for the Parkers. What is it like being coached by Norm and Phil?
Greenwood: Coach Norm Parker is very intense. He demands a lot out of not only me but our whole defense and he expects all 11 guys to get to the ball. Coach Phil Parker is very similar. He’s very technical, making sure we know what we’re doing and making sure we know our assignments. He emphasizes not giving up mental mistakes.

What are some of the attributes that have helped you remain a starter and contributor for the Hawkeyes?
Greenwood: The biggest thing is staying humble and working hard every single day that you come in here. It’s pretty-much a year-round process and it’s from lifting and conditioning and once we’re in season, practicing hard and studying the film. Never being satisfied and trying to improve.

How hard was it for you to miss the Northwestern game last season?
Greenwood: It was real hard. It’s difficult to sit out when you’ve played so many games in a row and just sit on the sidelines and watch everybody else play. It was especially hard that game because we were struggling and we didn’t get the win, so it was very difficult.

You have had seven big interceptions in your career. Are any of them more memorable than the others?
Greenwood: Always the first one. I’ll always remember my first one, the first interception you get in college at Penn State was a pretty memorable one and then I had the game-clincher against Illinois my freshman year and then last year against Michigan, just sealing the game.

What are some keys to another season of double-digit victories and a bowl victory?
Greenwood: Making sure everyone on the team, from top to bottom, is working hard and trying to improve and when it comes to game week and really scouting our opponents and when it comes game time, playing hard, playing smart, effective, hopefully getting a few breaks here and there.

Is there any difference approaching or preparing for this season since it is your last one?
Greenwood: I’ll attack it the same way. I’ll have some more time to watch film. I have a little lighter class schedule…I sort of know what I need to do to get ready for the games.

What is one thing about playing free safety that the average football fan might not know?
Greenwood: The combination of mental and physical abilities. A lot of the game is so mental because you have to read the offense and you have to make checks and get the defensive backs and linebackers lined up. Once you do that you have to actually go out there and cover receivers, you have to fill for run support.

Tell us about a youngster in the secondary who has impressed you so far this off-season?
Greenwood: The biggest impact guy is Micah Hyde. Going back to last year during practices and especially during bowl prep he came out there and he was making plays. He’s smart and I think every practice in December he had an interception, so that was pretty impressive. He’s doing things right and I think he’ll be ready to go.