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Sept. 4, 2010

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Iowa Players’ Postgame Quotes

RB Paki O’Meara

On what’s more exciting running for a touchdown or a blocked out for a TD
Probably blocking a punt for a touchdown I think it’s definitely more fun and doesn’t happen as much.

On blocking the punt for a TD
The first time their punting I noticed the guy had slid out a little bit when I forced it to the side so the second time I kind of went and it and jumped under him when he was cutting back upside. I’m supposed to force the punt on those. The way it rolled down there was right out in front of me and I figured I could scoop it as long as I didn’t drop it or anything. I was trying to focus pretty hard on it when I was running over there. It was fun running around the end zone and having everyone run up and start celebrating with you.

On how much he will play as a running back or special teams
I’m looking forward to this year and it was nice to get a couple carries in and run the ball a little bit. Last year, my emphasis was more on special teams as the year went on, which is fine. I love playing special teams and it paid off today. I’m definitely excited to continue on special teams this season.

Whatever happens, if I don’t, then special teams is definitely something exciting and I love doing it. Hopefully, I can get a couple more carries in next week and just keep trying to get yards in and do as well as I can.

TE Brad Herman

On changing from the spring practice to this summer
I tried to bring a different mindset into this summer. I think that my first two years here I might have been just a little bit too relaxed. I brought a sense of urgency knowing that it was my time to set it up this year. It’s all about not letting my team down. Iowa uses a lot of two tight end sets and it’s on me to fulfill those duties for the team and not for selfish.

On getting out on the field and making plays
It felt good. Tony finally left. Finally, I got to go out there and get my feet wet. It’s just really fun being out there.

On long play on first drive
It was a seam route and the linebackers bit hard on the play action and I looked immediately at the ball and Stanzi throw a perfect pass. I thought I was going to get into the end zone. The end zone just looked so far away and I was trying as hard as I could to get there. I fell short, but I will get it next time.

On being an Iowa tight end
To be an Iowa tight end you have to block. It’s not about going out there and catching passes. I was not about blocking my first two seasons and this year I learned how to block and really focused on it. When your number is called you got to be ready. The coaches gave me an opportunity and I think I stepped up and did the job. The coaches always talk about just doing your job and I think that is what I really tried to focus on today.

DT Mike Daniels

On how today went and preparing for Iowa State
Honestly, you never know how good you did until you watch the film. We always prepare for the opponent and it doesn’t matter who it is, but right now we need to focus on fixing ourselves for Iowa State.

On starting this game/getting the sack
It’s always nice to start. It has been something that we have been working on. We have a lot of guy who could play the position. It’s fun making the sack. It’s another play made and it’s a good one but you got to shake it off and get ready for the next play.

RB Adam Robinson

On the first game
It was definitely exciting to go out there and get ready and get the feet wet in the first game. I think we came together well as a team. Our main goal was to just come out and get rid of them early. I think we did a good job of that. The offensive line did a great job of giving me running room and I took advantage of that. Rick [Stanzi] was great and we just played together as a team.

On having Jewel Hampton next week
I think we are definitely going to be splitting some time. I don’t know how the carries will be split up yet or anything, but I am definitely excited to get him back. He is only going to make our team better, and I am just really excited to get him back.

Is there part of you that just feels like, ‘I know I am the guy this week so I’ll just make the most of it’?
You know I’ve just got to work hard. There is no telling how the carries are going to be split up. I think they’re just going to have to go game by game and see who is hot and who is not and that is how they are going to split up things.

On bringing closure to camp
Yeah, I think our goal was just to come out and get a comfortable win and we did that so it is really comfortable and takes a lot of weight off our shoulders. Now we just have to look forward to next week and get prepared for ISU.

Eastern Illinois Head Coach Bob Spoo

On what playing Iowa taught Eastern Illinois
“Yeah, we learned some things. One thing about it, this game is a tough, tough game. You got to think tough and hit hard and I think a couple of our guys learned that today. They now know what it is to play an aggressive football team and we need to get that reputation.”

On QB Brandon Large

“I’m really pleased; I thought he showed a lot of poise in there. He didn’t get rattled; I thought with the crowd noise, we went with a silent count. I thought he threw the ball well. In the case of Brandon’s performance, that’s something we were waiting to see how he was going to handle it and I thought he did really well.”

On running back Jimmy Potempa
“He’s a great kid, he’s a great football player and he can do a lot of things for us. Obviously, he didn’t get to show that today against that group but before the seasons over he’ll establish himself as a real threat.”

On how Eastern Illinois performed against Iowa
“It wasn’t a 70-7 game. I really think we played hard. I think the blocked punt for the touchdown and the safety, you take those points away and it’s a 28-7 game. I thought we played them tough and I thought we played extremely well and I’m really proud of them.”

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