Lisa Bluder Postgame Transcript

COACH Lisa Bluder: I’m extremely happy with this win, I thought Central Michigan was a very good basketball team. By the end of the year they’re going to have a lot of wins. They’re a talented group, they’re hard to defend and they score a lot of points. We gave up 79 points tonight, and it’s still 18 points below their average. Sometimes you think you gave up too many points, but at the same time this is a team that is a very high scoring team and you can see they don’t play offense for a long time. You’ve got to be ready to play defense when that ball crosses half court. They’re a good rebounding team, and for us to box out was very tough because they were extremely physical. Happy with the balanced scoring again for the second game in a row. We’re one point away from having five people in double figures, so that’s great. Morgan on the all tournament team, very deserving. I thought she played a very good tournament for us. Kachine we can count on it every night; she had 8 offensive rebounds. I think this was a very good win for us. When we look back at the end of the year I think we’re going to say, “That was a good win.”

Q. Coach, how key is that to get Jaime off to a fast start shooting field goals shooting for your team?

COACH Lisa Bluder: It’s nice to see her putting those down and she is so capable, and psychologically as a player they feel better about themselves. If they hit that first one or two, they feel like they’re in the zone. It’s tougher to bounce back after you miss those first couple and have that shooter’s mentality of keep shooting them, so it’s nice for her.

Q. Coach, they kind of tied it up there in the second half. What was important down the stretch you think that turned it?

COACH Lisa Bluder: You know, I thought through a point there we did a good job on the boards. They were getting one shot and that was it. We got our fast break going, we got a couple of baskets in a row after transition forcing the time outs then by Sue. Jaime hits that long range three off transition, and that took a little momentum away from them when it was close and then, boom, right away off those transition points.

Q. Coach, what do you think when Morgan says she wants to compete with Kash for rebounds?

COACH Lisa Bluder: I love it. Anybody that wants to compete with Kash is pretty brave, and I like that she has that mentality and they do go back and forth.

Q. Coach, you mentioned the tempo. Are you okay with having that kind of a up beat tempo?

COACH Lisa Bluder: We like it. We like to play that way. It’s enjoyable for us, and it’s an enjoyable style for fans to watch. We want to play that way; we like to get out and run. We don’t want to let them have 75 points every game, but certainly when you’re scoring more points, you’re going to give up more points, too, because they have more opportunities.

Q. Coach, how important was it to get out with two wins?

COACH Lisa Bluder: We talked about this was our second championship of the year. We won down in Corpus Christi, and we have two tournaments to go. The Cancun tournament, and the Big Ten, so two down, two to do. We started off on the right foot, but the Cancun tournament is going to present different challenges. These are two very good basketball teams that we’re going against, that’s why we’re going, to have some great competition down there on a neutral court.

Q. Coach, you leave tomorrow?

COACH Lisa Bluder: Some of us are leaving tonight, some of us tomorrow.

Q. What is on the agenda besides practicing and playing games?

COACH Lisa Bluder: That’s about it right now. We don’t have a lot of excursions or anything like that planned for the team, being there, being in Cancun is a good deal, being in the warm weather, and we’re going do go down there and have our practices and focus on winning a couple of basketball games and enjoy the warmth.