A Hawkeye Story: 5 of 7

Dec. 25, 2010

IOWA CITY, Iowa – In the holiday season of giving and sharing, the UI Athletics Department invited the greatest fans in the world to share their most memorable black-and-gold experience. The wide variety of responses were full of unforgettable memories and reminiscent of why, “It’s Great to be a Hawkeye!” After having the privilege of reading each submission, a total of seven lucky winners were selected for online publication. We will post one entry per day on hawkeyesports.com from Dec. 21-27. Today’s entry comes from Stacey Borrenpohl in Dubuque, IA:

“I was a young girl in small town Iowa when the world of football started to make sense to me. Jim Zabel’s voice rang through the radio as he called an early season Iowa football game. After making a flippant comment about not understanding all the football terminology, my dad sat patiently next to me at the kitchen table with a paper and pencil to help me make sense of this great American sport. He drew a field on the paper and as plays were called out in Zabel’s excitable voice, Dad explained the downs, penalties, scoring, and strategy. My love of Iowa football began.

Many years later, it was only natural that I enrolled at Iowa in the fall of 1994 and began my studies that would four years later lead me to graduate with a BBA in Finance/Human Resources. During the spring of my junior year, I excitedly applied to serve on the Executive Homecoming Council to participate in the planning of the 1997 Homecoming Festivities. It was a huge thrill to receive the call that I was one of those who were chosen to serve on this council.

During all the Saturday home games leading up to Homecoming our council was busy selling the traditional homecoming button, a primary fundraiser for all the Homecoming festivities. It was entertaining to mingle among the throngs of Hawkeye fans tailgating around Kinnick Stadium. I recall fans to be unceasingly generous and willing to purchase one, five, even ten buttons in support of this worthy cause. It was such a fun and festive atmosphere to be a part of.

The Friday of Homecoming week was memorable in that it was an unfortunately soggy and rain-drenching day. Hubbard Park activities were relocated and the pep rally was held inside the IMU Ballroom. The parade was held as scheduled and the Iowa faithful did not allow the rain to dampen the excitement. After many months of planning, meetings, hard work and many Saturdays of button-selling, it was fun to enjoy the parade as a participant in military humvees while relishing the electric atmosphere all-around.

Game day on Saturday morning featured a match up against the Indiana Hoosiers. During game day announcements, the Homecoming Council was able to stand at midfield and wave to the crowd before taking our seats and enjoying the game along with the other thousands of like-minded fans in Kinnick. Even more special was that my Dad, who many years before had coached me in my understanding of Iowa football, was able to join me along with other family members in cheering on the Hawkeyes to a Homecoming victory.

It was special to have grown up in a Hawkeye family and having attended many games as a student. Yet that one 1997 Homecoming game brought my enjoyment of Hawkeye football full-circle as I was able to give back to the university, student body, community, and Hawkeye Nation that I was so proud to be a part of. Go Hawks!”

– Stacey Borrenpohl

Thank you, Stacey, for sharing your story and congratulations on winning six tickets to a home men’s or women’s basketball game of your choice this winter. Stacey is now one of seven finalists eligible to win 10 tickets to a 2011 non-conference home football game of their choice. The winner will also receive a souvenir football and a $50 gift certificate redeemable at the concessions stands at Kinnick Stadium.

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