Hawkeyes In Europe - Day 4 by Sam Logic

Aug. 11, 2011

Europe Trip Day 4 (Prague) Photo Gallery

It’s been a couple great days in Prague for the Hawkeyes!

Last night we took a boat tour and got to see all the sights. It was really cool to be on the water with all the old buildings on either side of the boat. It gave us a lot to look at during the tour. It was really fun being on the boat with all my teammates. We took a lot of pictures and had some great team bonding time.

After we got off the boat, the entire team went to a local restaurant and tried some Czech food. Most of the team ordered Czech Goulash and everyone seemed to like it!

We were able to finally tour Prague Castle today and it was really cool. St. Vitus Cathedral inside the castle was probably the most impressive part of the tour. The stain glass inside the cathedral was more detailed than any stain glass I’ve seen in the United States. I can’t even imagine how long it took for those artists to put together some of those pieces. It was pretty amazing to see the entire castle.

After we toured the castle, we walked across St. Charles Bridge, but Kachine had us stop at this bakery right before you cross the bridge. It was hidden in a back corner in the middle of nowhere, but you could smell the fresh bread from a mile away. We had these bread rolls called “trdlo” and they were really good! It was like a pretzel hallowed out with butter and sugar cooked on top. I think a lot of the team liked it.

We are about to leave for our first game on the trip. We are driving about 90 minutes away to play a local club team. I’m definitely anxious for my first game as a Hawkeye. We practiced hard before the trip and it will be great to get back on the court.

Thanks for following along!


Editor’s Note – Check hawkeyesports.com later today for statistics, photos and video from tonight’s game against a local Czech Republic club team.