Hawkeyes in Europe - Day 6 by Morgan Johnson

Aug. 13, 2011

Europe Trip Day 6 (Bratislava) Photo Gallery

It’s great to check in with all the Hawkeye friends and family following along! Today was our first full day in Bratislava and it’s been a lot of fun!

We woke up this morning and had breakfast for the first time in the hotel. It was really good! They had a pan full of “pancakes” and they turned out to be crepes! I was craving pancakes, but the crepes were still good. I guess the two words are switched around in Bratislava.

After breakfast, we left for Bratislava Castle. It was a cool experience. It wasn’t as impressive as Prague Castle, but it was still neat to see another castle. The views from the ledge of the castle were breathtaking.

After the castle, we went to St. Martin’s Cathedral. The most interesting part of that tour was going in the basement to an old crypt and seeing the old tombs of religious figures. I’ve never been in a crypt before. The people who built it must have been pretty short, because I could barely fit down the stairs or through the hallways!

Bratislava is known for a series of statues around the city. We ventured around the downtown area and found all the statues and took pictures with all of them. It’s a pretty neat feature of the city. You could tell a lot of people were out and about looking for these!

We just finished pregame meal at the hotel which was also very good. We had a ton of salad toppings…I couldn’t make up my mind!

I’m really excited to get back on the court this afternoon. The first game was definitely a learning experience. I fouled out pretty quickly in the second half (I mean fourth quarter…have to get used to that over here in Europe), so I’m looking forward to hopefully playing an entire game tonight!

Thanks again for following along! We all really appreciate your support and this trip is really helping us come together as a team!