Hawkeyes in Europe - Day 8 by Jaime Printy

Aug. 15, 2011

Europe Trip Day 8 (Vienna) Photo Gallery

Hey everyone! I feel pretty lucky, because today was my birthday and I was able to celebrate it with my teammates and coaches in Vienna! The only thing that would have made this day better was if my family was along. It’s not too often you get to celebrate your birthday in a foreign country!

Today was a pretty busy day. We started the morning with a bus tour around Vienna. It was cool to see all the buildings, castles and cathedrals. We were able to go into St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which was very impressive. Every cathedral we visit seems to get bigger and bigger.

Even though today was a holiday in Vienna, some of the souvenir shops were still open. After taking a look at some of those, we decided to try out the famous Demel Shop. I couldn’t believe how many cakes and chocolates were in such a small building! We had some of the cake and it was pretty good!

Even though we just had cake, Melissa, Kathryn Bethany and I found a pizza place on a side street and stopped for a while. That was also awesome. I’m starting to think I like the food in Vienna!

We were able to pass a house that Mozart lived in, which was really cool to see. After we saw that, the team met back up at the hotel and we all went out to dinner at a place called Salm Brau. Some of the team got traditional food like Weiner schnitzel. I went with the Turkey Cordon Bleu. It was delicious!

After dinner, the team sang happy birthday to me and Jack Jensen-Fitzpatrick (we share the same birthday!) and we had birthday cake! It was nice of everyone to help me celebrate.

Thanks to all the fans for following along! We can’t wait to get to Paris tomorrow for the final stop on our tour. We are all anxious to see the sights and hit the shops in Paris, but also are excited to get back on the court Friday for our last game!