Lisa Bluder Press Conference Transcript

Nov. 16, 2011

COACH BLUDER: Glad to come out and get on the winning side of things. Albany is a team that is very difficult to play against at the beginning of the year because of the way they play. They change the way you play because of the craziness they play with. They full court press the whole time. I thought we handled the press pretty well, especially considering how early it is in the season. We had 23 assists on 26 baskets. To me we passed the ball well, we were taking better shots. Even though they were quick, last game we tried to stress working our offense, this is a team you really couldn’t work your offense against because of the style that they played.

Happy with Kelly’s rebounding, but more happy with the way Kelly defended Julie Forster because she is the key to that basketball team. Kelly held her to two points in the second half. I was very happy with that. I thought we shot the ball well. I don’t remember the last time we got 26 points out of our bench, so that was nice to see, as well.

Q. Rebounding has been a problem first two games. How would you assess it tonight?

COACH BLUDER: Okay. It wasn’t great, but it was better than what we’ve seen. I don’t think we boxed out well enough still. We gave up 18 offensive rebounds. We did a little better job crashing tonight. But it can be better. We’re giving up 40% of offensive rebounds to the other team. We can’t give up 40%.

Q. Does this show your depth a little bit? Multiple people in foul trouble. Got good play from the bench.

COACH BLUDER: We went into this game really feeling we wanted to change our rotations a little bit, how we were subbing. It was a combination of us doing that and then the foul trouble forced us into having to do that even more so. I liked the way that we subbed tonight. I think we gave a lot of people opportunities to play and I think that’s good. I think we as coaches did a better job of using our bench tonight.

Q. Was the plan to limit Morgan Johnson’s minutes tonight?

COACH BLUDER: We didn’t go in here thinking we were going to limit her minutes. Foul trouble forced us to limit her minutes in the first half. I’m really happy for Bethany because she hadn’t gotten a rebound in the first two games and she got three tonight. She shot the ball well. I thought she had some really nice passes. I think we set her up. She got herself into position by running the court, getting herself into position to score. But I think her teammates had some really nice feeds to her as well. She put the ball through the hole. I thought we saw a jump in Bethany tonight.

Q. Do you think a game like this will be good for her confidence?

COACH BLUDER: It will. Theairra getting those minutes as well, that was good for her.

Q. UNI, what do you know about and expect from them?

COACH BLUDER: They do a lot of things similar to us. But we know it’s going to be a great battle. They’re the defending Missouri Valley champions, been in the NCAA tournament the last few years. We’re playing at their place. Last year here at our place it was a tight battle. We’re two teams that play so similar; we know each other really well. The players play together in the Game Time League in the summer. They know each other’s games pretty well. So it’s kind of a different situation, but I know that our team is going to be really excited to get the in state rivalry series going.