Q&A with Nicole Rae

Feb. 3, 2012

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Nicole Rae was one of three freshmen new to the University of Iowa women’s golf program this fall. The former three-time all-conference selection at St. Charles East High School (Ill.) recently sat down with hawkeyesports.com and answered a handful of questions.

What has been the best thing about being a student-athlete at Iowa?
“There’s a lot of benefits for us. There’s a lot of people there that support us, and the university is willing to help us with whatever we need. It’s kind of like we have our family support but through the university.”

What are your goals for the spring season?
“My goal would be to travel to a tournament. I didn’t travel in the fall, but we have a lot of opportunities in the spring. I’m looking forward to hopefully traveling and getting to go to a warm place.”

What impresses you the most about coach Menzel? What was your first impression when you met her?
“I thought she was a sweetheart. She’s such a nice woman. She always brings positive energy no matter what. Practices, workouts at 6 a.m., she’s always energetic and really willing to help us with whatever we need.”

What is your best golf memory at Iowa?
“Teepeeing coach Menzel’s house. Her family moved here in October, and we kind of gave her a little welcome to Iowa City. We teepeed their house and then decorated it for her birthday also. That was pretty fun.”

What do you think the next step is for the Iowa program?
“I think we made good step this year by getting coach Menzel. With her coaching we can take everything the next step further and hopefully make it to regionals and keep going all the way to nationals.”

What’s the biggest difference between high school golf and college golf?
“College golf is a lot more competitive. There’s a higher standard. In high school golf, people who aren’t as experienced can play, but in college it’s much more competitive. Everyone has more talent.”

What is the best golf shot you have ever hit?
“It was during practice one day. We were playing and I hit a pitching wedge from like 105 yards out and it went it. It was cool.”

If you could give one golf tip, what would it be?
“Be patient. It’s a tough game and it’s not easy to pick up on right away. You really have to work at it. Patience is key.”

What person has been the most influential on your golf game?
“My dad (Ron). He has always pushed me to do my best and always been there to help me out to try and make sure I’m successful.”

What do you do in your spare time off the golf course?
“At school, either sleep or study. We spend a lot of time in the learning center. Other than that I like to relax and hang out with friends.”