Media Day Q&A with Quinton Alston

Aug. 6, 2012

IOWA CITY, Iowa — University of Iowa sophomore linebacker Quinton Alston (6-1, 224) took a few moments to answer 10 questions for at Iowa’s annual media day Monday. Below is what the Sicklerville, N.J., native had to say:

What did you work on this summer to prepare for the 2012 season?
“The main thing I had to work on was balancing run defense and pass defense, getting back into my coverages and my drops. Coach (LeVar) Woods has definitely helped me out a lot with that. Especially coming from coach (Darrell) Wilson to coach Woods. They both emphasize getting turnovers, stripping the ball and getting interceptions.”

What has been the biggest change under new position coach LeVar Woods?
“It hasn’t been that much of a change. Coach Woods worked with us under coach Wilson, so it’s been a very smooth transition.”

You were one of 10 true freshmen to play in 2011, what did you take away from that experience?
“It got the nerves out of the way. I remember my first game, my hands were shaking. But it was great just to get those cobwebs out of the way and finally get that experience.”

How has your second fall camp been different from your first fall camp?
“It’s a lot less stressful. Coming in as a freshman it’s hard to get used to the playbook and everything. I already have a grasp on that, so now I’m just trying to get the little details right for the season.”

What has playing/practicing with returning starters James Morris and Christian Kirksey taught you?
“They’re full go all the time. They’re high-energy guys. Both are very athletic and knowledgeable of the game. When I’m on the field they help me out as much as I need, and when I’m off the field they help me out as much as I need. They’ve definitely been a big part of my progression.”

What do you want to contribute to the team this season and what are your personal goals for the year?
“I’m just trying to learn my role, get better as a player individually and trying to get that chemistry with the rest of linebacking core. We’re just working on coming together as a unit to become successful.”

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Iowa’s Leadership Group?
“For your teammates to look up to you as a leader on the team after only one year is a huge honor. I just want to continue doing everything that I’ve been doing that they believe made me a leader on this team and get better as a leader each day.”

Who do you look up to on the team was a leader and mentor?
James Morris, Christian Kirksey and Anthony Hitchens. They come in with high, high-energy every day. They are all very knowledgeable on and off the field. They just handle their business all the time.”

What brought you to Iowa City?
“Stability in the coaching staff and coach Ferentz. Coach Wilson is from New Jersey also. He gave my high school head coach his first job. I had good chemistry with him. That helped me out a lot with my decision.”

What makes coach Ferentz such a good coach/leader?
“Coach Ferentz makes it so you don’t just feel like a number on the team. I was walking out of the complex yesterday and he stopped and waited for me just to talk to me on the way to the vans going back to the hotel from camp. He makes you feel so welcome on the team; that you are important and that you have a role on this team.”