Iowa Focus is on Football Fundamentals

Oct. 25, 2012

IOWA CITY, Iowa – For the second straight week, the University of Iowa football team will face an offense that features an offensive attack that likes to play in a hurry. That was the case a week ago vs. Penn State, that will be the case Saturday as the Hawkeyes travel to Northwestern, and that will be the case the following week when Iowa plays at Indiana.

For Iowa defensive coordinator Phil Parker, preparing for the different offensive attacks requires his defensive players to focus on details.

“We did some things a little different in our preparation, but what it usually comes down to is paying attention and having good mental toughness,” said Parker. “It’s a hard preparation for the defense and the scout team, we’ve just worked a lot at going through everything with a fast tempo.”

With the Iowa defense facing a quick-striking attack, the Hawkeye offense will try to do its part in keeping the defense off the field. Holding an advantage in time of possession by the Iowa offense can play a part in the success of the defense.

“Everyone knows it’s a team game,” said Davis. “Anytime we can convert on third down and stay on the field, that’s one less series, or one less possession, for the opponent. It’s important to win time of possession in a game like this.”

Davis also added that the Iowa offense went back to basics this week.

“We looked at a lot of things from last week,” said Davis. “This week we focused on fundamentals. We felt like we could have done the little things to make some plays, that would have helped the offense stay on the field, and helped the defense.”

Iowa and Northwestern meet at 11:01 a.m. Saturday at Ryan Field in Evanston. The game will be televised by ESPN2.