Iowa Coach Ferentz and Player Quotes

Nov. 17, 2012

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Postgame Quotes: #23 Michigan 42, Iowa 17

Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz

Opening remarks … “Clearly not a lot of positives on our side of the ball. We did some good things on special teams. I thought our offense at times looked good. Defensively we just did not have any answers for their attack and that became apparent pretty quickly. Credit them, they did a great job and played an excellent game. We will go back to work tomorrow on a short week here and see what we can do about getting ready for the next game.”

On the offense having a strong start … “We had a false start on the first play of the game I believe, which made it 1st and 15 and we couldn’t overcome that. The next two series were really good. We took it down and scored and put it in the end zone. It was great to see Henry Krieger Coble come up with that touchdown. We did a nice job on that. (James) Vandenberg did a nice job with us. We came back on the next one and ended up short with a field goal, but we drove the ball a couple of times there. I thought into the second half had a couple of good drives, but we were playing from pretty far behind at that stage so it was tough to get back in there.”

On Michigan wide receiver’s success against Iowa defense … “A big part of it is that quarterback (Devin Gardner) does a nice job. He is elusive back there, tough to bring down and tough to contain first of all. You think you have got him and he buys time. They have got very good skilled players and they have had that traditionally. It looks to me that they have got it again. I think they have three very good receivers not including if (Denard) Robinson goes out there. That quarterback has really done a nice job. I saw him play as a young player, but this year he has played really well. The last couple of games he has played basically the same way. We didn’t do a great job keeping up with those guys when we were in the right coverage, and then we dropped a couple of coverage’s too, which made it real easy for them.”

On the tight ends play today … “That is something we have always hoped to do and try to do. I think probably the biggest difference was we ran the ball better after the catch. Henry (Krieger Coble) didn’t have a chance on that one he came open on the seam route there. The big thing is if you get the run after catch, which is true of the passing game in general it was good to see.”

Fullback Mark Weisman

On the game overall … “We got too far behind. We had to try to put points up quickly and we just didn’t get it done.”

On coming off of an injury … “I was not really that close at all. The last couple of weeks were pretty much ruled out. It has just kept getting better and better and finally it hit that point where it got pretty good — almost 100 percent.”

On the tight ends play … “We feed off of each other definitely. They were playing great out there. Give them credit. The tight ends were good, and (James) Vandenberg was getting them the ball too.”

On trying to catch up for most of the game … “I don’t think it is frustrating. You can’t let it get frustrating. You have to keep fighting through, keep being physical out there since that is how we play. You do not want to get into that type of match with them.”

Tight End Henry Krieger Coble

On catching a touchdown pass … “We just did a couple of go routes, and we knew C.J. (Fiedorowicz) was going to be open and it just ended up being me. It was definitely a good feeling.”

On the tight ends play today … “We got our fair share of looks today, which was nice. It was just another way of us trying to help everybody out. If we get a lot of passes that is good for us.”

On the upcoming Nebraska game … “We have to play a lot better than we have been lately. That is all I can say. Definitely it would be good, we are excited for the final game.”

On earning playing time in practice … “I don’t want to say I earned it in anyway special. We all are getting our fair share of reps and one of us is going to go in there and help the team. Somebody has to do their job.”

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