Beyond The Bio: Sydney Hoerr

Nov. 29, 2012

Former GymHawk Jessa Hansen sits down with sophomore Sydney Hoerr. In 2012, Hoerr competed on the floor exercise at every meet, scoring a career high 9.850 against Penn State. Hoerr posted a personal best 9.775 on the beam against Minnesota and made her collegiate debut on the bars at the NCAA Regional Championships, scoring 9.750. Hoerr competed five times on the vault, marking a career high 9.850 at the Big Ten Championships.

What is your first gymnastics memory?
“I remember winning all green ribbons at my first competition and thinking that I did so well. In reality, the green ribbons were the worst you could get!”

What is your most prized possession?
“My family. They are everything to me!”

What is your favorite place in Iowa City?
“The Pentacrest. The spotlight that shines on the old capitol building at night is absolutely beautiful. The Pentacrest is where I first fell in love with the Iowa campus.”

What is your favorite food?
“Barbequed anything. I love grilling out.”

What is your favorite movie?
“I love the intensity and suspense of action movies.”

Where would you like to visit?
“Ireland, because I hear that it’s amazing.”

What are your goals for the 2013 season?
“To be confident and trust myself and my team. I want to have no regrets and give both my education and gymnastics 100 percent.”

Why did you choose to attend the University of Iowa?
“I chose Iowa because it feels like home. The coaching staff, team, campus and education are all fabulous.”

What is one thing that attending the University of Iowa has taught you?
“Iowa has taught me that absolutely nothing is better than relaxing with a great group of friends.”

Do you have pre-meet rituals?
“I eat a healthy breakfast, get ready with the team, and before competition I always say a prayer.”

Who is your favorite professional athlete?
“Shannon Miller, because she was the total package. She was powerful and graceful, and most gymnasts don’t have both qualities.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“My grandparents. They have taught me the most valuable lessons throughout my life. They shaped me into the person I am today, and I can’t thank them enough for that.”

What is your ideal career?
“I don’t know which road I want to take, but I want my career to continually make a positive impact on people’s lives.”

What is your favorite thing about gymnastics road trips?
“Singing, dancing and being enclosed in a tiny area with our team. Nothing says team bonding quite like that.”

What is your most memorable gymnastics moment?
“Competing in Carver-Hawkeye Arena for the first time. Walking out with the lights, music, audience and my team by my side was one of my most memorable moments.”

What is one word that describes you?