UI to 'Reseat' Kinnick Stadium Prior to 2014 Football Season

Jan. 25, 2013

IOWA CITY, Iowa – Kinnick Stadium will be “reseated” prior the 2014 college football season and, as part of that process, there will be no increase in the minimum annual seat contribution assigned to many of the seat locations inside the historic home of the Hawkeyes, the UI Athletics Department announced today.

The UI Athletics Department also announced that the recognition levels for annual contributions to the National l-Club will be revised to help the department keep pace with increases in the costs for scholarships, equipment, recruiting, facility maintenance, and team travel.

National I-Club members, season ticket holders, and other friends of the UI and fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes will receive information about the reseating plan and the new levels of recognition within the National I-Club later this month.

What does “reseat” means for fans of the Hawkeyes who purchase season tickets? It’s very straight-forward and identical to what occurred prior to the 2006 season, the first re-seat of Iowa’s football stadium: During January and February 2014, fans will choose their seat locations in the four grandstands of Kinnick Stadium at times assigned by the UI Athletics Ticket Office based on the number of priority points the fan has accumulated.

“We told our fans prior to the 2006 reseat that we’d probably do another reseat in five years. Well, as it turns out, five years became eight years. Which makes the reseat in 2014 even that much more necessary and fair.”
Mark Jennings, associate athletics director for patron services

As in the case of the first reseating of Kinnick prior to the 2006 season, the priority points accumulated by a season ticket customer are result of the following:

  • Football season ticket years of purchase (3 points for each year purchased)
  • Total cumulative contributions to athletics (1 point per $100 donated)
  • Letterwinner (20 points, one time)
  • Graduate of the UI (10 points, one time)
  • Annual giving to the National I-Club (2013 athletic giving year only [July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013])
    o I-Club (1 point)
    o Century Hawk (3 points)
    o Bronze Hawk (5 points)
    o Silver Hawk (10 points)
    o Golden Hawk (20 points)
    o Champion Hawk (30 points)
    o Kinnick Society (50 points)
    o Kinnick Society Gold (100 points)

“It’s very important we re-seat Kinnick periodically because it offers the fan of the Hawkeyes who has been supporting our athletics program with the purchase of football season tickets in addition to annual gifts and contributions to capital projects like the renovation of Carver-Hawkeye Arena or the construction of our new football or golf facilities, for example, an opportunity to improve their seat location for our football games, said Mark Jennings, the UI’s associate athletics director for patron services.

“We told our fans prior to the 2006 reseat that we’d probably do another reseat in five years. Well, as it turns out, five years became eight years. Which makes the reseat in 2014 even that much more necessary and fair,” Jennings added.

Fans of the Hawkeyes will again be required to pay a minimum annual contribution for certain seat locations inside Kinnick Stadium. However, Jennings noted that the minimum annual seat contributions will not increase and that approximately 30 percent of the seat locations inside Kinnick Stadium available for selection by season ticket holder don’t require a contribution.

“We were pleased to arrive at a short-term and long-term financial plan that didn’t require the annual seat contribution to increase as part of the 2014 reseat. Make no mistake, that annual revenue is critical to the operation of all 24 of our sports programs, but, again, we were pleased to be able to make our budget work for the next five or so years without having to increase this piece of the puzzle,” said Jennings.

Recognition levels inside the National I-Club’s annual giving program will change effective July 1, 2013. The details of that are available HERE. There will also be a new level: Kinnick Society Gold, which will be the level of recognition afforded friends of the Hawkeyes who make an annual gift of $15,000 or more.

“The I-Club exists to help the UI Athletics Department meet its costs and to help the Hawkeyes remain competitive. We greatly appreciate the support we receive from literally thousands of fans and friends annually because it truly is a difference-maker for us,” said Jennings.

For more information about the reseat of historic Kinnick Stadium prior to the 2014 college football season, click HERE.