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May 1, 2013

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IOWA CITY, Iowa Random thoughts on a sun-filled Sunday in the Heartland…


From the “I guess I missed the email” file… If indeed Legends and Leaders have been replaced as suggested HERE and HERE and HERE, allow me a moment to be the contrarian before I state the obvious: First, I liked Legends and Leaders. Apparently, I was in the minority and that’s OK. As some say, “Been there, done that.” What I liked about them was the “substance.” There was a little more to it than just North and South and, yes, East and West. Perhaps they made some fans work too hard. Perhaps they made some media think too much. Whatever it was, it’s apparently history now. Not the end of the world, certainly. A hint of creativity or thinking a little differently? Yes. The end of the world? No. So, on to the obvious: If the new divisions are accurate – and, again, I’ve yet to see anything remotely close to official other than a “source said” (not that I’m spending much time looking) – fans of the football Hawkeyes should be smiling ear-to-ear because, if these a-source-told-me reports are accurate, many of Iowa’s future road games are just a few hours away in the family roadster and that, my friends, is a good thing.

The good guys played some football at historic Kinnick Stadium yesterday. Count me among the group that continues to see the glass half filled. Also count me among the group doing my homework to learn more about a wide receiver by the name of Cameron Wilson. Here’s a link to his biography on hawkeyesports.com: HERE. I heard his name often over the sound system on Saturday. Not sure if that means I’ll hear his name often in August when it really matters – that’s for the coaching staff to determine – but I, like many in attendance – liked what the youngster brought to the playing field.

Quicker. Faster. Stronger. If you didn’t get a chance to read this earlier – HERE – enjoy it now. As I suggested last week, Fran’s squad isn’t resting…it’s accelerating.

You can read our take on the scrimmage HERE.

You can watch a highlights video HERE.

Prior to yesterday’s scrimmage, 250 youngsters participated in the first Kamp Kinnick youth instructional camp. I think a good time was had by all including the 40 or so former Hawkeyes like Billy Happel, Tim Dwight and Chuck Long who served as camp counselors. A tip of the fedora to those guys for their special efforts in a day that included a “Tunnel Walk” for the youngsters. Cool…very cool.

Congratulations to Micah Hyde for his selection in the fifth round of this weekend’s NFL Draft. I don’t think it gets much better than being drafted by the Green Bay Packers. There’s more on Micah HERE

Speaking of sound systems, there’s going to be a new one in Kinnick next fall along with some upgrades to the scoreboards and videowalls, and the addition of a “ribbon” along the north grandstand. We’re excited about what this will mean for the game-day experience of those friends and fans of the Hawkeyes who year in and year out make Kinnick the home field advantage that it is.

From the “Good things happen to good people” file: My good buddy Larry Wieczorek was inducted into the Drake Relays Hall of Fame last Thursday night. I’ve joked with Larry recently about what inductions in halls of fame really mean – it’s a sure sign that you’re getting older – but in this case it’s also very, very, very well deserved and, as Larry suggested in another recent conversation in the parking lot outside of Carver, very, very, very humbling. I enjoyed this piece written by our own Darren Miller and delivered to you earlier in the week. If you didn’t read it then, consider reading it now: HERE.

I scanned this – HERE – and it confirmed what I already knew: College basketball needs more Eric May’s.

Speaking of Eric, he spoke at the UI Athletics Department’s “All-Staff” meeting and short presentation also confirmed what I already knew: A very humble young man who is extremely grounded except, of course, when he soaring toward the hoop. You can read about Eric’s latest honor HERE. Well deserved…very well deserved. And, of course, while at that page, take a minute to enjoy the highlights video that was assembled by the HawkVision staff. That’s pretty good, too.

Quicker. Faster. Stronger. If you didn’t get a chance to read this earlier – HERE – enjoy it now. As I suggested last week, Fran’s squad isn’t resting…it’s accelerating.

Lastly, the Hawkeyes had a nice showing on the blue oval that is the Drake Relays the past few days. You can read about some of that success HERE and HERE.

Lastly, lastly: Thanks to those fans of the Hawkeyes who contributed to the ANF Food Bank Drive yesterday at Kinnick. It was a good day for a good cause.