Hawkeyes Show Glimpses on Kid's Day

Aug 17, 2013

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IOWA CITY, Iowa — University of Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz said the Hawkeyes showed glimpses during Saturday’s open practice inside Kinnick Stadium, but says there is still work to be done with two weeks remaining before the season-opener.

“I am happy with the way the team has been working,” said Ferentz. “It hasn’t been perfect, but we’re making progress. We certainly have a lot of work to do in all areas, but the attitude has been good.”

Ferentz wouldn’t come out and hand the keys of the Hawkeye offense to sophomore quarterback Jake Rudock publicly, but the Florida native ran exclusively with the first teamers for the duration of the scrimmage.

“We’ll look at the tapes and talk a little bit tomorrow and the next couple of days, and we’ll make a decision this week,” said Ferentz. “Jake is doing a good job. There are no complaints there. He is still a young guy, but has done a nice job.

“I don’t think anyone is displeased with the other two guys (Cody Sokol and C.J. Beathard) either. We’ll see what it looks like this week, and we’ll keep moving forward.”

Two newcomers — running back LeShun Daniels, Jr., and wide receiver Damond Powell — stood out in the scrimmage. Powell used all of his 6-foot-0, 215-pound frame, and Powell showed off his burners.

“LeShun has done a great job,” said Rudock. “He’s a big guy. His biceps are as big as my torso. Damond runs and runs… all he does is run. It’s great; you want to get the guys in there that are ready to play. If they’re ready to go, we’re going to use them. If they’re not, we’ll work them along and get them ready.”

Ferentz says Daniels has taken advantage of an opportunity to see time and has run with it.

“There were a couple of guys that were out and he has moved up the chart and has handled it well,” said Ferentz. “He doesn’t look overwhelmed and is a good learner.”

With two weeks remaining before the season opener against Northern Illinois (Aug. 31 inside Kinnick Stadium), Ferentz is looking for consistency on both sides of the ball.

“We’ll do three-to-four really good plays offensively, and then have a penalty, false start or turnover,” he said. “Same thing defensively, we’ll be playing, playing, playing, and then give up an easy play. That’s the challenge of the early season is trying to iron those highs and lows out.”

Ferentz thanked the 12,000 or so fans that made their way to Iowa City for the annual “Kids at Kinnick” day event.

“I appreciate the fans that turned out,” he said. “It was a nice crowd and during the scrimmage, peaking up in the end zone, it’s fun to watch the kids running around. This was a nice occasion for people to come out, and we appreciate them coming enjoying us in Kinnick.”

Rudock liked having spectators in the seats in preparation for the real thing on Aug. 31.

“It was great having the fans out here,” he said. “It gives you more of a warming into having 70,000-plus (in the stands).”