Football Fans Advised to be Aware of Severe Weather Possibilities

Oct. 4, 2013

IOWA CITY, Iowa — With the possibility of thunderstorms in the Iowa City area, the University of Iowa staff, along with local meteorologists, will be monitoring weather conditions for Saturday’s football game at Kinnick Stadium.

As a safety precaution, we are asking fans to be aware of weather conditions and act accordingly. Following are some basic safety tips:

  • Since storms can develop rapidly, the time available to provide warnings may be limited. It is important to rely on personal pre-planning.
  • Utilize weather applications on your mobile device and/or email or text alerts from local television stations.
  • If you receive a severe weather message, spread the word to those in your area, especially those who are outside.
  • If you hear thunder or see lightning, move to a safe place. Designated safe areas around Kinnick Stadium are:
  • Recreation Building
  • Field House
  • Carver-Hawkeye Arena
  • Personal vehicle with hard metal top and closed windows
  • Secure any lightweight items (tents, tables, chairs, grills and coolers) that may blow in a wind storm and cause injury or property damage.

Any weather-related updates or changes to normal game day operations will be provided to television, radio and print media, posted online at, and and shared on The Iowa Hawkeyes Facebook page through Twitter (@IowaFBLive and @TheIowaHawkeyes) If necessary, outdoor weather sirens, public address announcements and HawkVision message boards will be used to warn fans in and around Kinnick Stadium.