1-on-1: Samantha Logic

Nov. 5, 2013

In our countdown to the start of the 2013-14 hoops season, we will feature all 11 Hawkeyes. Today, we feature junior guard Samantha Logic.

Logic is a junior from Racine, Wis. The former Racine J.I. Case High School standout wears No. 22 for the Hawkeyes. Logic (5-foot-9) was named third team All-Big Ten a year ago, and was named preseason All-Big Ten last week.

Iowa opens the regular season Friday, hosting UC Riverside inside Carver-Hawkeye Arena in the Hawkeye Challenge at 6 p.m.

What is it like working with the coaching staff?
“It’s a blessing. They have been together so long. They know how to win and want to win, so having that mentality, coming to practice every day, expecting that, the winning attitude is something you want to play for.”

Key factor in recruitment:
“The team, flat out; the girls on the team. You meet them and you feel like you belong here and that you could come here the next day and they would be like, “OK it’s fine, you’re on our team.” That home feeling. Walking on campus you get that gut feeling that you hear people talk about and I got it the first time I came here. From the first time I came here the coaches gave me a great visit. It’s nice to know that they are that way.”

Facet of game you are working on:
“My 3-point shooting range; trying to get shots up and knock down open shots and help out the offense.”

Team goals:
“We take goals in two facets: shorter day-to-day goals like bringing energy and focus to every practice. We have those that we have daily and weekly that we want to accomplish.

Then, some goals for the non-conference schedule, how many games do we want to win, take care of home court. That’s a really important part. That’s where we are at now. Mostly day-to-day stuff now, making ourselves better as a team before getting ready for everyone else.”

Story behind your jersey number:
“In high school, freshman picked last, and 22 is my birthday and it was still available, so I went with it.”

Pre-game ritual/superstitions:
“We listen to music in the locker room. Before we get there I have a few songs that I listen to myself. I get dressed in the same way before every game. I am kind of superstitious about stuff like that, no matter how small. Hopefully it works.”

Summer free time:
“I love movies and like reading; mostly fiction. Anything you can do to relax. I love hanging out with the team.”

Then, what is your favorite movie:
Finding Nemo is always a good one for me. You can’t go wrong; you are always laughing at it. You know all of the lines; but it’s still good.”

Hobbies: eating, reading, watching movies, hanging out with friends
Other Sport: play soccer, watch football
Male Athlete: Chris Paul, Aaron Rodgers
Female Athlete: Maya Moore, Candace Parker
Pro Team: Packers, Brewers, Bucks
Movie: Bridesmaids, Finding Nemo
Restaurant: Noodles & Company, Applebee’s, Buckets (Racine), Well’s Brothers (Racine)
Band/Musician: Lecrae, Justin Bieber, Marvin Gaye, Drake, Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Macklemore, The Temptations, Michael Jackson
Store: Kohl’s, Finish Line, eBay
TV Show: Scandal, The Golden Girls
Midnight Snack: Reese’s
Spot on Campus: Carver-Hawkeye Arena
City: Paris and Prague