Iowa at Pitt Postgame Quotes

Sept. 20, 2014

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Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz

Opening Statement:

“Needless to say, we’re just happy to get the victory today. The win didn’t come easy. I just want to congratulate [Pitt] on a great game; they’re a tough football team. Our players showed a lot of resiliency in the second half but hopefully we’ll move on from here and get better week by week.”

On the team’s turnaround point:

“We were getting worked that first half and our staff had to make adjustments. Our players were a lot more aggressive in the second half and were just playing better football.”

On focusing on James Conner:

“If you’re playing Pitt, you better know who he is.”

On C.J. Beathard coming in as quarterback:

“He came in and did a great job. [The team] has had a lot of confidence in both [quarterbacks]. Both of the young players are different but good football players. He made some really big plays for us today.”

On Jake Rudock’s injury:

“I don’t think it’s anything devastating. We’ll find out more tomorrow. I think it’s just a strain, that’s all I know at this point.”

On using a variety of different players on defense:

“That was the plan going in [to the game]. The rotation, trying to keep guys fresh, was. Pitt’s a big physical group.”

On the team’s kicking game:

“That last punt was really good–probably the biggest punt of the game. I think Dillon Kidd played well, and Marshall Koehn with that field goal, that was great. They’re both practicing better.”

On winning in his hometown:

“It’s good to win anywhere. I don’t care where we’re playing, as long as we play well. Playing well is the most important thing.”

Iowa Player Quotes

Iowa Kicker Marshall Koehn

On changing of kicking process:

The way I approach my kicks is a little different. I am switching up my routine a little bit. My mental approach stayed the same.”

On kicking on the grass field:

“It was not too much of a difference, because that’s what our practice field is. We get a lot of practice on the grass as it is.”

On length of kicks:

“You have to think a little bit, but I like kicking both long ones and short ones. It’s definitely fun when those long ones go in.”

On importance of win today:

“It was definitely a good win. It was a great team win. We were down at half and our defense, offense, and special teams came through. It’s a great feeling.”

Iowa Quarterback C.J. Beathard

On first long pass down field:

“The running game was working and I thought play-action might have worked, but it was a great catch. At first, I thought that I had overthrown him. [Damond Powell] made a great one-handed grab.”

On starting next week:

“I have no idea. You’ll have to ask coach about that.”

On getting extended playing time:

“It was great. It’s an adrenaline rush. It’s exciting, that’s for sure. It was fun to get out there and especially win a game.”

On the come-from-behind win:

“It wasn’t me. It was the lineman. The receivers had a great game. The defense really stepped it up in the second half. They played great the second half. And Jake [Rudock] had some great balls the first half, until he was injured.”

Iowa safety Anthony Gair

On playing in today’s game:

“It was exciting to be with my teammates and a great opportunity for me. Unfortunate for Jordan Lomax, but I had to come in and step up and do the best that I could do.”

On his interception:

“I was in the middle and I was reading the quarterback the whole time during the drive, and I saw (the ball) and I just had to go get it.”

On his performance today:

“I was prepared, I was ready to go in after the coaches told me I was going to start in the game. I tried to be physical, this was a big physical team and I had to give it right back to them.”

Iowa running back Mark Weisman

On the team’s performance today:

“The team came together today. It was not a perfect game by any means but we got the running game going a little bit and C.J. (Beathard) came in and did an unbelievable job for us in the second half. It is just a big win for the team and we definitely improved a lot today.”

On the second-half performance:

“I thought in the first half we just weren’t finishing drives and they (Pitt) played a great offensive half and I have to give them credit for that. In the second half we definitely wanted to get back to Iowa running football and our defense got a big stop for us so we were able to do that.”

On his team’s improvements:

“Improvement is the biggest thing for this team right now and it might have been the first game we actually played a pretty good game. We definitely finished good and I am proud of everyone on the team.”

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